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Whose turn is it?

OOC discussion of ongoing play

Moderator: ShadoWarrior

Whose turn is it?

Postby ShadoWarrior » Thu Mar 31, 2016 9:13 am

Current Round Status:

Situation Overview: ?

Ship Status:

Speed: 0/4
Hull Trauma: 6/22
System Strain: 0/14
Shield Strain: 0/14
Current effects: none

Positions and actions:

  • Argon — prone, aiming, at medium range from cave entrance (9/12 strain)
  • Eleena — in cover, aiming, at long range from cave entrance (5/14 strain, 3/12 wounds)
  • Gand — unconscious, at medium range from cave entrance (3/12 strain, 13/12 wounds; crit: 41 [2eD])
  • Garr — unconscious, at medium range from cave entrance (4/12 strain, 15/14 wounds)
  • Silus — (9/11 strain)
  • Uqoza — kneeling by Garr, at medium range from cave entrance (4/13 strain)

We are in structured time

Initiative Order:

NPC slot
PC slot: Argon
PC slot: Eleena
PC slot: Uqoza
PC slot: Silus We are here
PC slot: Gand
PC slot: Garr

Characters that have not taken a turn: Silus

Destiny Pool: ○○○○○○●●●

Group funds: ? credits

Please note that without the use a medical scanner, no PC is aware of precisely how wounded or tired someone else is. They can only roughly guess. Yellow numbers means visibly tired and/or wounded on a Image Perception check (without need of a scanner). Red numbers means showing so much strain that their being tired is grossly obvious; wounds are so large and/or numerous that they're shockingly noticeable.
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