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Jako Jonafi

Characters approved for play-by-post gaming.

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Jako Jonafi

Postby obidancer » Sat Dec 31, 2016 2:50 pm

Jako Jonafi - Security Chief

Career: Soldier
Specialization: Sharpshooter
Motivation: Connection - Military
Duty: Internal Security 0
Earned Experience: 40
Unused XP: 0

Brawn: 3, Agility: 4, Intellect: 2, Cunning: 2, Willpower: 2, Presence: 2

Derived Attributes
Wound Thld: 13, Strain Thld: 13, Soak: 5 (padded armor), Defense: 0/0
Encumbrance: 4/9

Athletics (Br) 1, Cool (Pr) 1, Brawl 0, Leadership (Pr)* 1, Medicine (Int) 0, Melee (Br) 0, Perception (Cun) 0, Ranged - Heavy (Ag) 1, Ranged - Light (Ag) 3, Survival (Cun) 0, Vigilance (Wil)* 1, Warfare (Int) 2
* Species Non-Career Skills

Sharpshooter: Sniper Shot 1, True aim 1, Lethal Blow 1, Grit 1

Personal Gear
:arrow: Padded Armor Soak:2
:arrow: Snap Baton
:arrow: Model 53 "Quicktrigger" Blaster - Encumbrance: 1, Hard Points: 3/4, Rarity: 4, Price: 1,150, Damage: 9, Range: Medium, Critical: ωωω, Skill: Ranged - Light, Qualities: Stun Setting, Features: Reduce the difficulty of Mechanics checks to repair a Model 53 or modify attachments on it by one., Attachments: Blaster Actuating Module (3 Damage +1 Mods, 1 Add ■ to all attack checks when using this weapon Mod)

Equipment and other Items
Heavy Clothing (Soak 1), Comlink (handheld), Utility Belt, Extra Reload, Scanner Goggles, Military Field Manual.

Funds: 459,032 credits

Born on Taris in a militaristic family, Jako was quick to join the Empire when he reached an acceptable age, following the footsteps of his father. Jako relished this life at first: A place to live, comrades, he would uphold justice, protect the weak and defend the innocent… Sadly, not everything was painted black and white for the young Jako and as he matured, he began to realize the darker side of the Imperial military. Corrupt Officers, power abuse, incidents caused by the power struggles between the higher-ups and finally, the massacre of millions of civilians with the destruction of Alderaan. Jako had finally beheld the true colors of the empire. Now he needed bide his time and find a way out. When whispers of dissidence began to spread within the Far Orbit Nebulon-B frigate he had been stationed on, he realized the time had come.

Jako is a no-nonsense trooper. Although he is normally strict, he is open to advice and suggestions. Jako knows he lacks experience in commanding and will rely on other officers for tactical input. Jako tends to lead by example. This attitude has more than once gotten him in trouble with his superiors

Age: 24
1’80 meters tall; Jako is a bit over the cut required for troopers. Very strong and quick with a blaster.
Dark hair, grey eyes and pale skin due to his recent years of service aboard the vessel.

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