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Sandra Dee

Characters approved for play-by-post gaming.

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Sandra Dee

Postby smkeyes » Tue Oct 04, 2016 4:28 am

Sandra Dee

Career: Ace
Specialization: Pilot
Motivation: Belief in the Republic
Post Creation Experience: 40/0

Brawn: 2, Agility: 4, Intellect: 3, Cunning: 2, Willpower: 2, Presence: 2

Derived Attributes
Wound Thld: 12, Strain Thld: 12, Soak: 3
Defense: 1/1, Encumbrance: 13/14

Astrogation: 1
Cool: 1
Discipline: 1
Gunnery: 2
Knowledge (Warfare): 1
Mechanics: 1
Perception: 1
Piloting (Planetary): 0
Piloting (Space): 3
Ranged (Light): 1
Vigilance: 0

Full Throttle
Let's Ride
Skilled Jockey 2

Personal Gear
A/KT wing commander Armored Flight Suit Soak 1 Defense 1 reduce damage from fires and weapons with the burn quality by 1 Reduce strain received from critical hits to the wearers vehicle by 1 (min 1)
2 Blaster pistols ranged light D:6 range medium stun setting
2 stun grenade ranged light D:8 range short Blast 8 disorient 3 limited ammo 1 stun damage

Equipment and other Items
1 Comlink (handheld)
1 Emergency Medpac
2 extra reload
1 utility belt
1 military belt pouch
1 military pack
1 canteen (attached to utility belt)
4 stimpack
1 crash survival kit (in the military pack)
145 credits

Served as a test pilot for Incom before joining the Rebellion.

She has a sober, and disciplined persona who is slow to open up until she gets to know a person.

Slim, athletic build. 5' 8" tall. With white hair tied in a single braid handing down to her waist. Somber silver eyes.
Level 1
Posts: 43
Joined: Sun Oct 02, 2016 2:34 pm

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