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ShadoWarrior's House Rules for EotE

PostPosted: Sat Oct 19, 2013 1:26 pm
by ShadoWarrior
  • Cover increases the character’s ranged defense by 1 (per the pre-errata rules).

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 07, 2014 12:39 am
by ShadoWarrior
The following rules were posted by BadMotivator on FFG's EotE RPG forum. I have reposted them here, unchanged except for correcting several spelling errors and adding BBcode formatting to improve readability.

Shield rules: Some items project an energy field which absorbs incoming damage. Personal Shield Generators provide additional Soak for an individual on top of any Soak mitigated by armor and natural toughness. The soak provided by a shield generator cannot be used against melee attacks. When using a grenade against a foe with a shield generator, the firer may suffer 2 setback die to attempt to make the grenade roll inside the shield. If successful, the attack with the grenade ignores the soak provided by the shield.

Each Shield Generator is its own mechanical system that has a System Strain Threshold, representing its power reserves. When a target with a shield generator takes damage, note how much of the damage was reduced by the shield's soak value. Reduce the damage taken by the shields before reducing it from other sources of soak. The shields get hit first after all.

Example: Pash has a basic soak of 3, plus 2 for his padded armor. He also has a Personal Shield Generator which provides soak of 3. He has a total of 8 soak. If he is hit by a blaster pistol for 10 points of damage he will suffer 2 wounds, and his Shield Generator will suffer 3 system strain. If he had only been hit for 6 points of damage, he would have suffered no wounds and his shield generator would still suffer 3 system strain, as you reduce the damage from the shield first.

When a Shield Generator suffers its maximum system strain, the shield collapses and ceases to provide any more soak until it is recharged. Each full hour of charging removes 5 system strain, a shield generator cannot be restarted until its System Strain reaches zero.

Shields and weapon qualities: The soak provided by personal shields cannot be negated by attacks with the Breech or Pierce weapon qualities. Attacks with the Ion quality completely ignore personal shields.

Example: Pash is unfortunate enough to have been caught in the blast of a Thermal Detonator. The attack causes 17 damage with Breach 1 quality. Pash has a total soak of 8. Normally, Breach 1 would totally ignore his soak, but 3 of his soak comes from his personal shield generator. That soak is not ignored by Breach. So Pash only suffers 14 wounds instead of 17.

Personal Shield Generator: Cost/Rarity: same as in main rules
Soak: 3
System Strain: 10
Encumbrance: 2
Mods: Two Soak +1 mods, One System Strain +5 mod

Advanced Personal Shield Generator: Cost/Rarity: 35,000/9R

There are certain personal shield generators which provide even more exceptional protection than their more common counterparts. Certain models even have the ability to recharge themselves using ambient energy. Such devices are incredibly rare, and often suffer mechanical problems. At the end of every round during an encounter, the wearer makes an easy Mechanics check with 1 threat die. For every net success, the shield generator recovers 1 system strain. The check is upgraded twice if the shield generator is at maximum system strain. The GM may spend a Despair to cause the generator to malfunction for the rest of the encounter. The GM may spend 2 Despair to cause the generator to break and cease working until repaired with a Hard mechanics check.

Soak: 5
System Strain: 15
Encumbrance: 4
Mods: Two soak +1 mods, two system strain +5 mods

Ship Shields House Rules

Old ship shields rules, no longer used:
To convert to this system, total up how ever many points of defense a ship or vehicle has in its various arcs. That is its number of shields.

Example: The Firespray System Patrol Craft has Defense 1 in both its Fore and Aft arcs, so it has a total of 2 shields.

At the beginning each round of combat, the pilot, or shield control officer in the case of a capital ship, must allocated all the ship's shield points to its available arcs. During the first round of an encounter, shields are always distributed as evenly as possible among the various arcs.

Each point of shielding present in a particular arc increases the ship's armor in that arc by 1 when reducing damage.

Shield Generators and System Strain: Shield generators can only absorb so much damage before the system overloads and needs to reset. Each ship's Shield Generator suffers system strain independently of the ship itself.

A Ship's Shield Generator's system strain threshold is equal to its regular system strain threshold, although they are completely separate.

When a vehicle with shields is hit by an attack, note how many point of damage were negated by the armor granted by the shields. Apply soaked damage to the shields first, and then regular ship armor. For every point of damage that was negated by the shields, the Shield Generator suffers 1 point of system strain. When the System Strain of the Shield Generator reaches or exceeds the threshold, the shields collapse and no longer provide armor.

Example: the Krayt Fang is a YT-1300 freighter with a total of 5 Shield points. Her SS threshold is 20, and so her Shield Generator's SS threshold is also 20. Currently, the Fang has 3 of her shield points applied to her Starboard side. Her starboard side is then hit by a TIE fighter's medium laser cannons, causing a total of 7 damage. The Fang's total armor on the starboard side is 7, 3 from the shields and 4 from her basic armor plating. The Krayt Fang suffers no damage, but her shield generator suffers 3 points of system strain. She won't be able to sustain such a beating for much longer!

Ship Shields and weapon qualities: Weapons with the Ion quality ignore the soak provided by shields. In addition, when ever a ship suffers system strain from an Ion weapon, the ship's shield generator also suffers an equal amount of system strain.

The armor points provided by shields cannot be reduced by the Breach quality. Only reduce armor provided from armor plating and other sources.

New vehicle action

Recalibrate the Shields
Pilot only: No
Silhouette: Any
Speed: Any

This action may only be attempted by a vehicle with shields. Using this action, any player character who makes a successful mechanics check may remove one point of system strain from the Shield Generator per net success on the mechanics check. Difficulty is determined by table 7-2 on page 233. Use the ship's system strain and NOT the Shield Generator's system strain.

Ship Modifications

Reinforced Shield Generator
Base modifiers: +1 shield point.
Modification options: Two additional +1 point of shield's mods.
Hard Points required: 2
Price: 3,800 credits

Basic Shield Generator
Many individuals seek to add shield generators to vehicles which do not come with such devices standard. Although these devices are quite bulky and take up much space on vehicles not built with shields in mind. May only be added to vehicles with Silhouette 2 or greater that do not already have shields.

Base modifiers: +2 shield points
Modification options: None
Hard points required: 2
Price: 2,000 credits times the Silhouette.

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 08, 2015 4:52 pm
by ShadoWarrior
from Hedgehobbit on FFG's EotE RPG forum:

Rescaled the vehicle damage rules such that 5 points of personal damage equal 1 point of vehicle damage, not 10. This makes the E-Web match the auto-blaster and makes things like missile launchers and thermal detonators a threat to starfighters. Thermal detonators destroy starfighters in the Clone Wars show.

from Zar on FFG's EotE RPG forum:

Talents that remove setback will grant boost dice if there are no setbacks to remove.

from Donovan Morningfire on FFG's EotE RPG forum:

  • Nerfing auto-fire: On the "hard cap on # of extra hits", I'm thinking a good guideline would be 1 + number of skill ranks. This way, someone that's really good with heavy weapons is going to be able to make those extra shots count.
  • Disallow Jury-Rigged to reduce the advantage cost of Auto-fire.

(modified) from Simon Fix on FFG's EotE RPG forum:

Require Brawn and Agility at a certain score before a grenade can be thrown at that range.

Brawn 2, Agility 1: Short Range (Difficulty: Image)

Brawn 3, Agility 2: Medium Range (Difficulty: ImageImage)

Brawn 4, Agility 3: Long Range (Difficulty: ImageImageImage)

Brawn 6, Agility 4: Extreme Range (Difficulty: ImageImageImageImage)

If you don't meet the Brawn threshold, you simply cannot throw that far. And you add an extra difficulty for each point of Agility you lack.

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 07, 2015 5:12 pm
by ShadoWarrior
When dealing with split groups that are out of line-of-sight of each other, players may not use their advantages to assist characters that their own character cannot see. There may be exceptions to this, but under most circumstances it will apply.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 17, 2015 4:59 pm
by ShadoWarrior
Droids are immune to damage from blaster weapons set to stun.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 22, 2016 12:29 pm
by ShadoWarrior
I don't much care for the RAW on using sensors. It's badly written (and there are lots of threads at FFG on the subject of using sensors). So I'm going with this House Rule:

Difficulty of scans out to range:
  • Close - Image (a few hundred km), 360°.
  • Short - ImageImage (up to around 50,000 km), 90° arc.
  • Medium - ImageImageImage (up to a couple of million km), 30° arc.
  • Long - ImageImageImageImage (interplanetary, up to 3AU), 10° arc.
  • Extreme - ImageImageImageImageImage (entire system to the outer edge of its Kuiper Belt, up to 50AU), 1° arc.
Sensors quality:
  • none - the unaided Mark I organic eye
  • Image - basic sensors (commercial transports and other non-military vessels)
  • ImageImage - advanced sensors (old snubfighters, upgraded civilian vessels)
  • ImageImageImage - military sensors (new snubfighters, old military capital ships)
  • ImageImageImageImage - dedicated military sensor array (modern military capital ships)

There is a ± purple for each silhouette larger (-), or smaller (+), that you wish to try to detect, and extra successes allow you to detect one size smaller per (or one range band further away). Trying to spot an ISD is 4 steps easier, while a TIE fighter is 1 step harder.

A passive scan works the same as active, except the range bands are all two lower. IOW, you cannot passively scan beyond medium range. Maintaining stealth has a price.

So it's possible to spot an ISD beyond its gunnery range and yet miss the snubfighter about to nail you on the same check result — without even considering the arcs that haven't been scanned yet.

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 25, 2017 11:24 am
by ShadoWarrior
  1. Contrary to the following dev ruling...
    If you remove a stock weapon from a ship, you do not get a hard point that you can replace with anything. So in effect, that hard point is lost.

    Sam Stewart
    RPG Manager
    Fantasy Flight Games
    removing weapons from stock ships does gain usable CHP. (I happen to think that there is no justifiable logic to support the dev ruling, and the ruling goes counter to what was permissible in previous (non-FFG) SWRPGs. FFG's own books have examples where they've modified stock vessels in ways that cannot be explained by their own rules.)
  2. The rules in Starship Repair Rules Version v1.4 are in effect.
  3. Starship Encumbrance can be converted into usable CHP per the rules here.

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 28, 2017 8:13 am
by ShadoWarrior
More rules "adjustments":

  • All vehicles can take up to two pilot-initiated maneuvers per turn, not just those of silhouette 1-4.
  • Accelerate/Decelerate is now an incidental. (Punching a button or moving a lever is trivial. IRL we can steer and operate the floor pedal at the same time. Or use one hand on the yoke/joystick and the other hand on the throttle in a plane or boat.)
  • The section on repairing HT on a disabled vehicle (EotE page 243) needs some tweaking. First, a successful repair reduces the HT to the threshold, not one point below it (since you have to exceed HTT to become disabled). Failure on the Mechanics check inflicts a critical at +50. The text describes the attempt as being desperate and/or foolish so the consequences should reflect the risk. The existing RAW provides no penalty for failure, and thus no risk, rendering attempting such "desperate measures" something that crews should always try.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 24, 2017 6:23 am
by ShadoWarrior
On group stealth checks (and other group skill checks):
Understanding that it is a narrative game (not using a tactical map like versions of d&d), I would still think that there is a "point man." I would allow the lead character in the stack to make the opposed check and apply boost or setback depending on the abilities of the rest of the group.

Going with the lowest scores makes sense but diminishes stealth for those that pride themselves on getting good at it. So instead of a bumbling group of scooby-doo detectives, imagine the guy who sneaks up to a corner, gets eyes on the guards, and motions his team past in a coordinated effort to sneak past the enemy.
-- OriginalDomingo at FFG's forum

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 07, 2017 5:38 am
by ShadoWarrior
Cover bonuses and examples:

  • Partial Cover (1 setback). Coverage is less than 50% of the defender's profile.
    • target is standing behind a standard crate
    • target is firing from around a corner
  • Full Cover (2 setbacks). Coverage is between 50% and 90% of the defender's profile.
    • target is kneeling behind a standard crate
    • target is in a properly dug foxhole
  • Superior Cover (3 setbacks). Coverage is greater than 90% of the defender's profile, but less than total.
    • target is firing from a bunker's firing port
This isn't really a house rule, per se, but rather a clarification as the RAW already allows for additional setbacks based on the quality of cover.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 14, 2017 2:59 pm
by ShadoWarrior
Bad Press talent (Desperate Alllies page 32): Change the wording "If he succeeds, members of this organization have their wound thresholds reduced by 1" with "On success members of the targeted organization receive +1 setback to all skill checks versus the propagandist or her allies".