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Doc Wendi

Characters approved for play-by-post gaming.

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Doc Wendi

Postby GandofGand » Tue May 02, 2017 9:44 am

STAR WARS: Fight or Flight
Wen-Dai (Wendi) Xinyi Xihuan – Snarky Medic


Species: Human
Career / Specialization: Soldier / Medic
Motivation: The Weak / Charity (Save lives, whether they like it or not. }
Earned Experience: 100 / Saved: 0
Duty: Personnel/Support (0 pts / Rank 1)

Brawn: 2, Agility: 3, Intellect: 4, Cunning: 2, Willpower: 2, Presence: 2

Derived Attributes
Wound Thld: 14, Strain Thld: 13, Soak: 2(3), Defense: 1/1, Encumbrance: 8/19

Skills [* Human Skills]
Athletics 1
Cool 1*
Discipline 1*
Knowledge (Xenology) 1
Medicine 3
Melee 1
Ranged (Light) 2
Survival 1

Soldier; Medic
Bacta Specialist 1
Grit 1
Master Doctor
Stim Application
Stimpack Specialization 2
Surgeon 2
Toughened 1

Personal Gear
Armored Clothing [Def 1, Soak 1, Enc 3, HP: 1]
+ Chedak Multi-band Comlink

Palandrix K0-2 Heavy Stun Pistol (Ranged; Light) [Dam 8; Crit n/a; Range Short | Stun]
+ Electronic Sight (Accurate +1)

Equipment and other Items
Utility Belt
Surveyors Bag
Load-Bearing Gear
Modular Backpack +3 Pouches
ECM-598 Medpac [1 Boost medicine; Heal Crit Fii 1]
Stimpack x10
Extra Reloads
Glow Rod
Ascension Pistol

Credits Left: 70

Wendi was born the youngest daughter of a “generational” military family on Anaxes, the home of the Imperial Navy. From an early age she proved to be nothing but a disappointment to her family when she never expressed any love for the military or spaceships of any kind. She preferred to spend her time studying biology, xenology and anything to do with life itself. Her parents blamed her uncle, Zheng Shi Xihua, for giving her too much attention and her aunt, Biatriz for encouraging her pursuits. "Aunty Bia" was a doctor and research scientist who had been born on Alderaan, not Anaxes. Zheng had married Bia in defiance of his family, so she has never been truly accepted into the family, and when her husband passed away under mysterious circumstances she was treated even more coldly, often left out of family visits.

Bia and Wendi became very close when Wendi got extremely ill one year and Bia was asked to take care of her, which she did, and under her care Wendi survived what turned out to be a very nasty virus that would have killed anyone not under the level of care Bia provided. That was the only time the family ever showed any gratitude to Bia but she didn't mind as thereafter Wendi spent more and more time with her as she was about the only member of her family Wendi actually liked, especially since her beloved uncle Zheng was gone. Bia encourage her pursuit of the sciences, she also encouraged Wendi to think for herself, to protect others, and to stand up to her oft-badgering parents. So Wendi learned to develop a thick skin and how to turn her family's barbs back against them with sarcasm and wit. They eventually learned to leave her alone.

Eventually it came time to choose her future, and though the Clone Wars was long ended, the aftermath could still be seen all across the galaxy and Wendi felt she had an obligation to help. Surprising everyone, Wendi chose to go to the Imperial Military Academy, but not because she loved the military. In fact she hated the military and war in general. She joined because she wanted to join the Medical Corps, figuring it was her best chance at helping survivors and refugees get the help they would not otherwise get. Also it was about the only way she would have a chance to get off-planet with her parents' approval and without contributing to the Imperial war machine. So she joined the Imperial Navy and after several years of training was sent off to the front lines to aid in quelling what she was told were remnant Separatist forces — but would later learn were forces from worlds that refused to join the Empire.

When she learned the truth of what was happening she began to work secretly to provide as much help to any prisoners as she could, whether helping fake their deaths or get word to allies to get them sprung. She hated what the new Empire was doing to its citizens but knew she could not also go against the full might of the Imperial war machine on her own, certainly not without calling attention to her family and shaming them publicly if not ruining them entirely. So she continued her private war, unaware of the burgeoning Rebel Alliance building in the background. There were rumors that occasionally passed her way; sometimes about things the Empire was doing, sometimes attacks by so-called "terrorists". She paid them no mind as she was too busy with her own work to worry about others.

It was during her time in the military that she first ran into Chira'Phatera, a tiny Chadra-fan mechanic and pilot who occasionally worked in the motor pool and sometimes filled in as a driver or pilot for Wendi as needed. Unfortunately, due to being an alien, and especially one of such a diminutive size, Chira was frequently the butt of jokes by Imperial troops and officers alike. Wendi saw something of a kindred spirit in the little alien, both were something of outcasts with fiery spirits, and she had come to trust Chira's piloting and mechanical skills as much as her own medical skills. So when she witnessed one of the soldiers picking on her friend she finally snapped and stunned the trooper into submission then reported him and all of his allies to their superior officers, despite their death threats against her. She just smiled and reminded them that at some point their lives would likely be in her hands — they shut up in a hurry.

However, the officer she reported them to cared nothing for her report as he toed the anti-alien line the Emperor touted, and would never dare to properly deal with the situation. Wendi attempted to badger him into doing something but he steadfastly refused and ordered her to drop the whole thing or face charges herself for insubordination. Seeing which way the wind was blowing she left in disgust and resumed her sideline activities of helping any refugees she could, often accompanied by Chira who could get them away from any observers in a hurry if need be. And on those rare occasions where they could not get away, Chira was also a crack-shot. While Wendi never approved of killing she couldn't ignore how useful Chira was becoming to her private activities and began to wonder if her little friend would join her in leaving the military to join the rebellion they had begun to get word of.

Things came to a head when they were traveling in an armored transport that had also been targeted by a local rebel cell that wanted to use the transport to get a group of political prisoners away from the prison they’d been held in and to a freighter that was waiting to take them off-planet. She had dropped into her seat when a rebel climbed in after her and put a gun to Chira's head, while another aimed a gun at Wendi. They demanded Chira drive them to the spaceport, which they agreed to but only under duress. Just before they reached their destination hangar an Imperial missile took out the transport's engine, sending them crashing into the ground and badly injuring several of the prisoners, including a small child. Shocked that the Imperial troops would do such a thing to innocents she helped the rebel cell evade the Imperials and make it onto the ship and their eventual escape. Chira left with them after revealing she had long since been a member of the growing Rebel movement all along and invited Wendi to join them.

She declined, choosing to remain behind and attend to the injured troopers, but they promised to stay in touch. She was arrested for allegedly colluding with the enemy, but was eventually cleared, in part due to her family’s good name but in part because she had been under duress. Shaken by what had happened and with the image of the blood-covered child burned into her memory, she asked for some time off to return home and spend time with her family. They agreed and she arrived home just in time to learn of the destruction of Alderaan at the hands of the Empire and its weapon of terror, the Death Star. Wendi was forced to watch her beloved Aunt Bia, crumple in on herself in grief over the loss of her homeworld. Several months later Wendi would attend Bia's funeral, shaking with an inner rage at what the Empire had done to a once-vibrant woman, not to mention the senseless destruction of billions of innocent souls.

After exchanging many heated and angry words with her family over their continued support of the Empire she left in disgust and caught the first transport she could to Nar Shaddaa, where she was sure she could get in contact with Chira. In due time the friends reconnected and eventually she was taken to a Rebel base where Wendi was welcomed as an undeniable asset and very shortly put to work as combat medic. She more than excelled in her new role and took as much pleasure in patching up allies as enemies, reasoning that live enemies could carry word that the Rebellion even helped soldiers. She and Chira had been working together with the Rebellion for some months when she received word that a small Ops group was in need of both a pilot and medic and as they fit the bill for both so they were sent to join up with them on Nar Shaddaa.

Wendi is a dynamo, whether at work or at play, and she generally works more than she plays. As a pilot and evac paramedic she loves screaming across a battlefield to extract wounded soldiers or fleeing through an Imperial blockade. As a medic she is deadly serious and focused and takes zero crap from anyone. Her patients are in the best of hands, but woe betide them should they go against her very explicit (and often expletive-ridden) medical orders! She’s put everyone in their place from the lowliest private to the most decorated general and no one crosses her twice. She can often be sarcastic, snarky and acerbic, mostly all at the same time, and while her bedside manner may be lacking she more than makes up for it with her skills as a doctor. When she is in her rare moments of downtime she prefers to spend it helping out any locals in need, providing them as much aid as she can while she is there. The only time she ever shows any softness is around children, whom she loves to death but still takes no **** from. And though she has a general abhorrence of violence she will absolutely go out of her way to hunt down and punish any who would bring harm to children, whether directly or through negligence; her punishments are often creative and certainly unforgettable.
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