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StarForge Station

OOC discussion of ongoing play

Moderator: ShadoWarrior

StarForge Station

Postby ShadoWarrior » Wed Jan 25, 2017 10:07 pm


Points of Interest
  • Lean Nuuti Bar and Grill
  • Weezo's Gun Shop
  • Just Armor
  • Starwind Chandlery
  • StarForge Shipyard


Notable Persons
  • Crost Lib'eyay, Station Administrator, Bothan male
  • Weezo, owner of Weezo's Gun Shop, Nalroni female
  • Gjaddia, manager of Just Armor, Human male
  • Morol, armorsmith in Just Armor, Human male
  • Labio, manager of Starwind Chandlery, Devaronian male
  • Mioe, clerk in Starwind Chandlery, Human female
  • Wurrooba, clerk in Starwind Chandlery, Wookiee male
  • Chidee Na Maak, owner (and chief shipwright) of StarForge Shipyard, Duros male
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