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Taamos Selkant (Far Orbit Project)

Initial Character concepts can be posted here prior to a new game's sub-forum being created.

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Taamos Selkant (Far Orbit Project)

Postby obidancer » Thu Dec 29, 2016 9:11 pm

Taamos Selkant - Pilot

Career: Fringer
Specialization: Driver / Force Sensitive Emergent

Motivation: Creed - Strife for excellence – Taamos dreams of being the best pilot in the galaxy.

Obligations: Servitude 10 – While Taamos thinks that he has officially resigned as Kratoo the Hutts personal racing driver and feels no further attachment to the Hutt, Kratoo thinks entirely differently in that matter…
Adrenaline Rush 10 - Taamos likes nothing more than flying some daredevil aeronautic stunts with a racing ship...

Duty: Air Superiority 0 – Taamos sees it as his personal challenge to outmaneuver any enemy starfighters.

Earned Experience: 20
Unused XP: 0

Brawn: 1, Agility: 4, Intellect: 3, Cunning: 2, Willpower: 2, Presence: 2

Derived Attributes
Wound Thld: 12, Strain Thld: 12, Soak: 2, Defense: 1/1
Encumbrance: 6/10

Force Rating: 1
Force powers: Sense Basic Power, Control: Upgrade Difficulty, Duration

Astrogation (Int) 1, Cool (Pr) 1, Gunnery (Ag) 1, Lore (Int) 0, Mechanics (Int) 1, Outer Rim (Int) 0, Perception (Cun) 1, Piloting - Planetary (Ag) 0, Piloting - Space (Ag) 2, Survival (Cun) 0, Xenology (Int) 0.

Driver: Full Throttle 1
Force Emergent: Uncanny Senses 1

Personal Gear
:arrow: A/KT Wing Commander Armored Flight Suit
Soak: 1 Defense:1 Features: reduce strain received from Critical Hits to the wearer's vehicle by 1 (min 1)., Reduce damage from fire and weapons with Burn quality by 1
:arrow: none

Equipment and other Items

Heavy Clothing (Soak 1), Spacer's Duffel, Comlink (handheld), Crash Survival Kit, Utility Belt, Glow Rod x2, Stimpak x2, Scout 5 Field Goggles, Military Belt Pouch, Ration Packs x6, Backpack, Emergency Repair Patch x2
Cash: 156 cr.

Taamos Selkant was born in Malastare’s capital city Pixelito where his parents worked at one of the many spaceports. As many people on Malastare, Taamos was soon only interested in one topic – racing. Be it swoop racing, podracing or starships races, the young Taamos loved them all. As his parents barely had time for him, he usually spent his time on Pixelito’s streets and backyards or gazed at the starships arriving in the city. Eight years old, he flew his first speeder in a backyard race organized by several local street gangs. The young boy was hooked instantly. Soon he realized that he had an unusual gift: He could react much faster to his peers and sometimes it appeared to him as if he could see glimpses of the future like the one time a freight repulsor sleigh suddenly appeared around a corner. Taamos evaded the obstacle easily while two of his friends driving behind him and who had more time to react crashed with the sleigh. Taamos always called it his “gut feeling”. In the times of the Old Republic, someone in his vicinity would probably have recognized the signs of his latent force powers and introduced him to a Jedi, but with the Order wiped out and the Force only being an ancient religion, nobody read the signs. He won his first official swoop race with twelve years.

Aged 15, he was approached by a Twi’lek after a particular spectacular win. The Twi’lek offered him a spot as pilot in a space racing team sponsored by his master, the glorious Kratoo the Hutt. Lured by fame and fortune, the teenager accepted immediately. Only a short time later, he waved good bye to his parents and friends and left Malastare for the first time in his life. Once he was introduced to his team and ship, a heavily modified V-Wing Starfighter, he was overjoyed. But soon he learned that he wouldn’t compete in an ordinary racing circuit but in an even more hazardous one deep in Hutt space as the rules would have been considered highly illegal by the Empire. In these races it was allowed to shoot one’s opponents with ion weapons during a race to the entertainment of the Hutts. Furthermore, sabotage prior to the races was seen as good sport. Despite this, the young Taamos loved his new situation.

Over the months and years he flew a variety of space ships but mostly his V-Wing. He won often but not always and brought glory and wealth to his Hutt sponsor. Taamos spent his free time between his ships’ engines and the glittering parties a racing shooting star was entitled to. For the first years, he was happy.
But after some time he recognized that he was not much more than a strange bird in a gilded cage, subject to Kratoo’s will. Kratoo decided about Taamos’s daily routine, his training hours, his parties, his friends, which ship he had when to fly and so on. Furthermore, the Hutt wanted more and more: more victories, more training hours, less money spent on engine parts or fuel. Taamos felt more as the Hutt’s slave or lap-dog than as a free being.

Taamos frantically began to search for a way out but found none. To tight was the net spun by Kratoo. When his racing team’s transport docked at StarForge station for repairs and the rumors of a privateering frigate searching for new crew members reached Taamos ears, he seized his chance immediately. He hastily packed his backpack and sneaked off to the recruitment area and a bright new future.

Taamos is a young male Duro who has lived his short life in sharp contrasts: His poor upbringing on Malastare, his glamorous life as a racing pilot and his dependence from his Hutt sponsor. On first glance he appears friendly, open and used to the public’s attention but if one takes the time to get to know him better, his shyness and insecurity are revealed. While he lived a relative rich life in the last years, he doesn’t need much to be happy: Give him a fast speeder or space ship that he can tinker with, an obstacle-riddled racing course and a bed and he is happy.

Taamos loves the thrill and pure adrenaline rush of racing or pulling some aerobatic stunts off. The moment he sits down in a cockpit, the initial shy boy is replaced by a reckless daredevil. Thanks to his quick reflexes and a gut feeling, which is sometimes as clear as he would see a glimpse of the future, he never was seriously hurt while flying. A circumstance that only reinforced his boldness…

Taamos is a rather slim and short Duro with blue-green skin. He usually wears an oily, old Mechanic’s jumpsuit and a pair of pilot’s googles. Thanks to his scrawny appearance, he is lightweight and fits in almost every cockpit this side of the galaxy. He often can be seen tinkering with his latest starship or speeder.

Height: 1.69m
Age: 20
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Re: Taamos Selkant (Far Orbit Project)

Postby ShadoWarrior » Fri Dec 30, 2016 7:31 am

Besides cleaning up some formatting (my OCD kicking in), I've adjusted his gear list to add items that were on my copy of his original character sheet, and adjusted encumbrance accordingly.

Not reflected in the character sheet above is the 459,032 credits he received as his share of the loot from the recent hijacking. Those credits are presently sitting in the ship's account and need to be transferred to a private account the character has not yet had created for him. Lieutenant Dune can help him with that.

The character sheet is approved and ready to be copied to the game's character database subforum.
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