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Ren Rall'Entleck

Characters approved for play-by-post gaming.

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Ren Rall'Entleck

Postby Ahrimon » Sat May 13, 2017 5:54 am


Ren Rall'Entleck

Species: Mirialan Gender: Male Age: 17 Homeworld: Mirial
Career: Sentinel Specialization: Shien Expert
Motivation: Cause - Overthrow the Empire
Morality: 50 Strength: Dedication Weakness: Obsession
Duty: None Obligation: None

Brawn: 2, Agility: 3, Intellect: 2, Cunning: 4, Willpower: 2, Presence: 2

Derived Attributes
Wound Thld: 13; Strain Thld: 12; Soak: 3 (4 vs. energy); Defense: 0/0
Encumbrance Capacity: 11, Carried: 7

Current Status
Wounds: 0; Strain: 5

(S):Species (C):Career
General Skills Combat Skills
Astrogation (Int): 0 (2A) Brawl (Br): 0 (2A)
Athletics (Br)(c): 0 (2A) Gunnery (Ag): 0 (3A)
Charm (Pr): 0 (2A) Lightsaber (Br): 2 (2P)
Coercion (Will): 0 (2A) Melee (Br): 0 (2A)
Computers (Int)(c): 0 (2A) Ranged: Light (Ag): 0 (3A)
Cool (Pr)(s): 1 (1A 1P) Ranged: Heavy (Ag): 0 (3A)
Coordination (Ag): 0 (3A)
Deception (Cun)(c): 0 (4A) Knowledge Skills
Discipline (Will)(s): 1 (1A 1P) Knowledge: Core Worlds (Int)(c): 0 (2A)
Leadership (Pr): 0 (2A) Knowledge: Education (Int): 0 (2A)
Mechanics (Int): 0 (2A) Knowledge: Lore (Int): 0 (2A)
Medicine (Int): 0 (2A) Knowledge: Outer Rim (Int): 0 (2A)
Negotiation (Pr): 0 (2A) Knowledge: Underworld (Int) : 0 (2A)
Perception (Cun)(c): 0 (4A) Knowledge: Xenology (Int): 0 (2A)
Piloting: Planetary (Ag): 0 (3A)
Piloting: Space (Ag): 0 (3A)
Resilience (Br): 1 (1A 1P)
Skullduggery (Cun)(c): 1 (3A 1P)
Stealth (Ag)(c): 1 (2A 1P)
Streetwise (Cun): 0 (4A)
Survival (Cun): 0 (4A)
Vigilance (Will): 0 (2A)

Reflect 1

Force Abilities
Force Rating: 2

    Basic Power - The Force user expands normal visual senses through a connection to the Force.
    The user may spend FP to ignore the effects of darkness or blindness and see normally at up to Medium range for the remainder of the round (or one minute). This allows the user to view everything most sentients could normally be able to see on a well lit day.
    Basic Power - The character may attempt to guide, shape, and even twist the thoughts and feelings of others.
    Special Rule (L/D use): When guiding and shaping thoughts, only FP generated from D may be used to generate negative emotions such as rage, fear, and hatred. Only FP generated L may be used to generate positive emotions such as peace, tranquility, and friendliness. Other emotions such as confusion can be created from FP generated with either L or D.
    The character may spend FP to stress the mind of one living target he is engaged with, inflicting 1 strain.
    Basic Power - The Force user creates illusions to fool those around him.
    The user may spend FP to make a target at short range unable to perceive a chosen person or object of silhouette 1 or smaller. Until the end of the user's next
    turn, the target cannot see or sense the hidden person or object.
    Basic Power - The Force user can move small objects via the power of the Force.
    The user may spend FP to move one object of silhouette 0 that is within short range up to his maximum range. The default maximum range is short range. This may only be activated once.
    Basic Power - The Force user can sense the Force interacting with the world around him.
    The user may spend FP to sense all living things within short range (including sentient and non-sentient beings). This may only be activated once.
    The user may spend FP to sense the current emotional state of one living target with whom he is engaged. This may only be activated once
    Control: Upgrade Difficulty - Ongoing effect: Commit FD . Once per round, when an attack targets the Force user, he upgrades the difficulty of the pool once.

Personal Gear
Concealing Robes
Catch Vest

Lightsaber (Damage 8; Crit 1; Breach 1, Sunder, Vicious 2)
Attachements: Dark Blue Illum Crystal Mods: 1 Crit, 2 Vicious, 2 Damage
HL-27 Light Blaster Pistol (Damage 5; Crit 3; Stun setting; Accurate 1)

Jedi Utility Belt
    Jedi Multi-Tool
    Comlink (Handheld)
    Emergency Medpac
    Glow Rod
    A99 Aquata Breather
    Stimpack x2
Load-Bearing Gear
    Stimpack x2

Credits: 27

Selected at a young age to the Jedi order, Ren demonstrated his skills with the Force time and time again, however his hi-jinks did not endear him to many masters and he had almost passed his age of selection before being taken as a padawan. Ren was fond of sneaking around the temple and often got into areas where he shouldn't have been. Never malicious, he simply reveled in going where he wasn't supposed to be. Only a few months before he would have been released from the order for not being selected by a master he caught the eye of Master Set.

Master Set was a Jedi Shadow and expert in the art of Shien. Ren had never met master Set before and later learned that he had been away for many years routing out corruption within the Republic. Master Set showed a genuine appreciation for Ren's talents and began to train him in the art of Shien. Ren was devoted to his master, but that didn't temper his mischievous side. Master Set never encouraged Ren's antics, but only lightly scolded Ren in public, much to the chagrin of other masters.

As his training progressed Master Set became fond of sending Ren out on scouting and observation missions through the underworld of Coruscant to learn and to practice his skills. Ren always suspected that Master Set was keeping an eye on him, but he took his assignments seriously and devoted himself to being one with the shadows.

Ren was away on a mission to scout out a smugglers' warehouse when Master Set was killed. The pain of his master's death caused him to lose focus and he was almost caught by the smugglers. It was later that Ren learned of Order 66, and while he doesn't know who killed his master, Ren has a hard time trusting clone soldiers. Master Set was too skilled in his art and could only have been betrayed and killed by those that he trusted.

Ren is mischievous and has a hard time following the rules. But once he sets out on a task he rarely turns back. This duality sometimes gets him in more trouble than he can handle, but also serves to confuse others. This trait can be quite apparent when he duels other padawans. Mixing and matching fightings styles keeps his opponents on edge. Ren relies on his supernatural reflexes and training to dodge attacks that other padawans would simply block. This often leaves him an opening to counter attack that others don't expect. Combined with his biting wit, and verbal jabs any opponent that doesn't keep their cool is in for some trouble.

XP History
100: +100 for Species
105: +5 for Morality
125: +20 to be used on force powers only
0: -125 spent on character creation.

Oggdude's Generator file
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Re: Ren Rall'Entleck

Postby Ahrimon » Mon May 15, 2017 4:13 am

Image Ability
Image Proficiency
Image FP
Image FP - Small
Image FD
Image FD - Small
Image Boost
Image Success - Small
Image Advantage
Image Advantage - Small
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