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The Letter of Marque

Information that player characters would know or have access to.

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The Letter of Marque

Postby ShadoWarrior » Tue Apr 07, 2015 5:38 pm

Be it known that Dhas Fenoep Vedij, owner of the raiding frigate Far Orbit (hereafter the owner), is now recognized by the Alliance to Restore the Republic (hereafter the Alliance) by this Letter of Marque and Reprisal to conduct raids upon the Imperial government and its subsidiaries and supporters in the Ringali Shell, consisting of Bormea and Darpa sectors; to seize their cargo, properties and vessels; to capture the personnel, officers, and officials of the Empire and its supporters, specified in the attached Schedule A; and deliver these goods, captives, and prizes unto the Alliance. He is authorized and expected to pursue the war against the Empire as able, while in no case endangering the innocent civilian public and without causing undue damage to property.

The Owner shall surrender all bounty or proceeds of such activities to the review of the Alliance, and in return shall be awarded 50 percent of their value in credit or kind. The Alliance may choose to buy an entire cargo at its need. The Alliance shall also award bounties, paid according to a schedule published by the Alliance, for Imperial prisoners and confirmed destruction of Imperial properties. All slaves found in the course of duty shall be freed and all illicit substances destroyed.

The Alliance shall render such aid as it can, subject to availability and discretion, including shelter, intelligence, repair, supplies, and fuel. Those members of the crew, formerly political opponents of the Alliance, members of the Imperial Navy, mutineers and criminals, are hereby granted amnesty, so long as they serve our cause, or until the Empire is destroyed, or this Letter expires, provided they no commit further crimes. Should they do so, all charges shall be held against them.

This letter shall hold in effect for one year from its date, when it shall be reviewed. If either party is dissatisfied, the contract may be dissolved. The Alliance reserves the right to assign observers to the ship, for the purpose of this review.

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