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Terms of Service

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Terms of Service

Postby Teknon » Wed Jun 06, 2012 9:36 am

Terms of Service

As part of Friends and Nemeses‘s commitment to make this website a great place to meet and interact with other gamers around the world, members and guests of Friends and Nemeses agree to abide by our Terms of Service. You are responsible for knowing and abiding by these conduct rules to ensure that everyone feels welcome.

All aspects of Friends and Nemeses are subject to these Terms of Service (often referred to as "the ToS"). This includes, without limitation, account names, group names, profile content, blog content and comments, chat and forum activity, and e-mail or private messages to staff and other members.

Violation of the Terms of Service is grounds for account(s) termination. Termination includes you forfeiting all privileges associated with your account(s) and being no longer permitted use of our online services or tools in any way. Friends and Nemeses moderators are the final judges of whether a member's behavior qualifies as inappropriate or a disruption.

These Terms of Service are subject to change at any time at the administration's sole discretion.

  • 1. Choose your account names carefully. Screen names that are deemed offensive may be modified or deactivated without notice. For example:
    • Names of offensive or notorious persons, controversial political figures, references to cultural tragedies or of significant religious or occult meaning
    • Names containing profanity, obscene slang, graphic anatomical references, racial, ethnic, sexist, or religious slurs
    • Names with word combinations that produce an offensive result
    • Names of or references to illicit substances or drug-related paraphernalia
    • Names with the intent or effect of harming the reputation of another
    • Names that impersonate the representation of a specific business or website, including any business or website you may operate or represent
    • Misspellings, phonetic, and alternative spellings of prohibited names are subject to modification or deactivation.
    Variations of a deactivated screen name, as may be evidenced by your declarations under a new screen name that you are "really" the deactivated name, may also be deactivated and the account holder may have his or her account terminated.
  • 2. Do not use, post, distribute or link to obscene, pornographic, sexually explicit, graphically or gratuitously violent, derogatory, demeaning, malicious, defamatory, abusive, offensive, hateful or discriminatory language or content. This includes "masking" language by using alternative characters/spelling/spacing to get around profanity filters or claims of profanity filter "testing."
  • 3. Do not harass, bully, threaten, harm or cause discomfort for other persons, including any other members. For example:
    • Use hate speech or racial, ethnic, sexist, homophobic or religious slurs
    • Harass a specific person (repeated flaming, personal attacks or posting their private information)
    • Troll or bait the community in general with inflammatory statements, such as ones designed to elicit a negative response from the community
    • Post or otherwise disclose any personal or private information of another person, or any confidential information pertaining to a business, without consent
    • Do not promote, plan, glorify or engage in any illegal activity or otherwise make available content that would encourage or provide instructions for a criminal offense. These topics include crimes relating to drugs, drug paraphernalia, ****, solicitation of a minor, computer hacking, and copyright violation.
  • 4. Do not disrupt chat, forums, blog comments or other communication channels. For example:
    • Spam through repeated posts, or off-topic content by word or intent to forums or comments (including repeated "bumping")
    • Make off-topic posts or chat or trades in the wrong forums or chat rooms (casual chat or roleplay in rooms or forums not designated for these types of activities)
    • Advertise or promote a business or commercial website outside of the designated areas
  • 5. Do not cheat in PbP games. The Play by Post games are the backbone of the community here at Friends and Nemeses, and cheating is harmful to the enjoyment of all members, and will not be tolerated. Cheating includes:
    • Rolling multiple times and posting only the best results.
    • Posting false results.
    • Unfair or inconsistent application of the rules.
  • 5.1 All Die rolling shall be done at InvisibleCastle.com or Orokos.com and must include the character's name, or be conducted by the GM personally. If a player has a problem getting one of these rollers to work for them, the GM shall roll for that player. If a player rolls on one of these rollers and opts not to use that roll, they must inform the GM of the roll and why they chose not to use it. Remember both of these rollers keeps a public record of all Dice rolled. GMs are encouraged to check a character's rolls for continuity by clicking on the character name and confirming that the previous roll made for a character matches the previous roll posted for that same character.

Explanation of Disciplinary Escalation and Procedures
If a member of this site has demonstrated he or she cannot follow the Terms of Use, then the member may lose access to ALL of his or her accounts and all associated privileges and screen names.

Moderators issue formal warnings, by post, private message or email when a member has made a Terms of Service infraction. Depending on the severity of the infraction, moderators may issue a warning, timed suspension or termination of the account.

A general outline of penalties follows. However, this is only a guideline used by moderators and administrators, and especially heinous or determined violations of the Terms of Service may require further action than that outlined below. By the same token, inadvertent violations may receive only a soft warning. All disciplinary action is solely at the discretion of the moderator or administrator.

Violations of the Terms of Service may result in
  • A Warning, which shall be noted in an Administrator Forum
  • A Warning with title, In addition to the warning being noted in the Administrators forum the Member will be tagged with a title noting their infraction
  • Ban, all of a Member's accounts shall be banned from further posting this may be permanent or temporary.
  • In the case of a player cheating in a PbP game, that players continued participation in the game is at the discretion of the GM running it.
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