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Characters approved for play-by-post gaming.

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Postby GandofGand » Wed May 03, 2017 1:25 pm

STAR WARS: Fight or Flight
Chira’Phatera – Overly Enthusiastic Pilot / Mechanic


Species: Chadra-Fan
Career / Specialization: Ace; Pilot & Rigger
Motivation: Quest:Thrill (Fix it, Fly it or Fight it...whatever is the most fun! )
Earned Experience: 100
Duty: Space Superiority (0 pts / Rank 1)
Obligation: <none>

Brawn: 1, Agility: 4, Intellect: 3, Cunning: 2, Willpower: 1, Presence: 2

Derived Attributes
Wound Thld: 12; Strain Thld: 12; Soak: 1 (3); Defense: 0/0
Encumbrance Capacity: 18, Carried: 7

Skills [(r) = Racial Skills]
(r) Mechanics 2
Astrogation 1
Cool 1
Gunnery 2
Perception 1
Pilot (Planetary) 2
Pilot (Space) 3
Ranged (Light) 2

Full Throttle
Let’s Ride
Natural Pilot
Rapid Recovery 1
Skilled Jockey 2

Gearhead 1
Larger Project 2
Signature Vehicle
Toughened 1

Personal Gear
Padded Armor [Def 0, Soak 2, Enc 2, HP: 0]

Hl-27 Light Blaster Pistol (Ranged; Light) [Dam 5; Crit 3; Range Medium | Accurate 1; Stun Setting]
- Paired (-1 Adv to Dual-Shot)
- Electronic Sight (Aim as Incidental; Accurate +1)

Hl-27 Light Blaster Pistol (Ranged; Light) [Dam 5; Crit 3; Range Medium | Accurate 1; Stun Setting]
- Paired (-1 Adv to Dual-Shot)
- Laser Sight (Auto Advantage on Sucessful Combat Check)

Equipment and other Items
Utility Belt
Surveyors Bag
Load-Bearing Gear
Modular Backpack +3 Pouches
Emergency Medpack
Stimpack (x6)
Extra Reloads
Glow Rod
Ascension Pistol
Comlink (handheld)

Credits Left: 724

Background - Homeworld: Chadra
Chira'Phatera Phenoula Watakuki was born on one of the many massive human-built ranch-arks that floated across the mostly aquatic surface of the Chadra-Fan homeworld, Chadra. She grew up surrounded by the small horde that made up her extended family, both Chadra-fan and human alike. Like all of her people, Chira grew up with a love of technology, especially vehicles. Even from a young age she could always be found buried, often literally, in the guts of one engine or another as she tinkered to repair, improve performance, or sometimes simply to change the noises they made just to "hear the engines sing". Fortunately, her family indulged her tinkering, and occasionally even joined in. Thus her formative years were full of life, love, and exploration. The only mar on those years were the occasional ocean-borne tsunamis that could, and frequently did, destroy vast tracts of land, not to mention sinking or capsizing many a ranch-ark. Chira's family was fortunate that they only suffered through one major tsunami, but as a result Chira ended up trapped in the water for an extended period of time. As a result she has developed an (un)healthy fear of large bodies of water.

It was that same incident that prompted Chira to look for a way off-planet so she could take to the stars and see the Galaxy she had heard so much about from her human family. Unfortunately, she would get her wish sooner than expected, when a slaver-gang hit Chandra shortly after the same tsunami and used the chaos and disorder to scoop up as many Chadra-Fan as they could lay hands on, including Chira and some of her family. Chira and her fellow prisoners were initially terrified of their imprisonment, but once they realized they were going into space they all became excited and eager to explore their new environment, whether their captors wanted them to or not. Several days after entering hyperspace the slavers were caught by surprise when their ship unexpectedly dropped out of hyperspace. When they went to investigate they found the engine compartment filled with Chadra-Fan who were happily working on "improving" the engines and hyperdrive, forgetting they were in flight, or not particularly concerned by the fact.

The hapless slavers tried multiple times to re-cage the prisoners, but the locks were laughable to the curious creatures and by the third time they tried to force the prisoners back into cages a cell of Rebel agents, tipped off by Chira's human family, caught up to the slavers and boarded their now-derelict ship. The slaver-chief tried to use several of the younger prisoners as hostages, much to his regret. Chadra-Fan are known as some of the warmest, most caring and friendliest beings in the known galaxy. But when they are cornered or someone they really care about is put into danger... That day Chira discovered the limits of her kind heart when she snatched a pair of blasters from another slaver and shot the chief dead before he could twitch. She then turned the guns on the remaining slavers with a bloody look in her eyes and demanded their immediate surrender. Whether they were so confused by the tiny creature threatening to blow holes in their chests or actually terrified of the coldness of her eyes they actually obeyed and dropped their weapons on the spot.

The Rebel leader was so impressed, or amused, by her actions that he invited her to join their cell where her talents could be readily put to use. Sensing the opportunity for more discovery as well as a chance to explore and learn, she accepted. Soon she was taken to their base and introduced to the rest of the team. From then on she became a fearless addition, providing repairs as well as firepower to their cause. But it wasn't until she learned how to fly a starship that they learned just how talented she truly was, despite having to make a few adjustments to her seating position. Chira quickly became one of the Rebels' most skilled pilots and such a good field agent they eventually set her up with an undercover identity as a worker at an Imperial motor pool on one of the many battlefronts the Empire was engaged in across the galaxy. While she was embedded there she would collect information, redirect resources, sabotage war-machines and look out for potential allies for the cause.

It was there she first ran into Wen-Dai Xinyi Xihuan, or "Doc Wendi" as most called her. Equally fierce and protective in her own right, Wendi quickly became one of Chira's closest friends and they learned how well they worked together. As Chira would often drive or fly Wendi to and from various battlefields she realized early on that Wendi was working her own private rebellion but chose not to aid her. At least not directly; there was more than one occasion where a certain series of security cameras stopped functioning for just long enough for Wendi to slip through a restricted area during her private escapades. Chira did report her actions to her superiors in the Rebel cell, who agreed she should keep an eye on Wendi as a potential ally in the future but left it to Chira to decide when to approach her about joining the Rebellion.

During an incident involving the Imperials shooting down a transport full of innocents she finally told Wendi the truth. Wendi was initially a little surprised but declined the invitation as she felt she still had too much work to do where she was. Chira understood and bid farewell, though they promised to stay in touch. Several weeks later the Rebellion was shocked to learn of the destruction of Alderaan and recalling Wendi talking about her Aunt Bia, Chira kept a close eye on her messages. Sure enough, several months later she got a terse message from Wendi asking her to meet on Nar Shaddaa; she'd decided to take Chira up on her offer. Chira was more than happy to meet up with her friend, though she was initially shocked and saddened by the pain she could sense in Wendi's heart.

Once Wendi was processed in and began her new life the pair quickly became inseparable, easily getting into as much trouble as they got out of. They loved helping those who could not help themselves, whether that meant medical help, extraction or simply providing comfort, they always worked well together. So it was only natural that when the time came that they were asked to join an ops group in need of support they both jumped at the chance and set out for their newest adventure.

Chira is a very outgoing, caring and fun person to be a around and one of the best friends anyone could ask for, but a terrible enemy of anyone who hurts the beings she cares about. Her bloodthirstiness sometimes even surprises her, but she never lets it slow her down at the time; she prefers to act rather than waste time thinking about the consequences of actions. When she is not out in the field or working on a project, she likes to spend her free time with Wendi, helping out local refugees and the like. She also enjoys turning random pieces of useless junk into tiny mindless robots or other fun gizmos to give to children as toys.
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