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Mission Ideas

OOC discussion of ongoing play

Mission Ideas

Postby swrider » Sat Feb 04, 2017 11:21 am

Counter espionage.
  • Determining if new people are spies
  • Identifying spies known to exist
  • Learning that spies exist
  • Sweeping for bugs
    • Using bugs to relay false information
    • Tracking bugs to source
  • Infiltrating enemy spy groups or underground operations to gain information on entire network.
  • Setting up traps for enemy spies.
New Weapons
    Supply systems
    • Destroy supply train
    • Destroy supply convoy
    • Recapture stolen artifacts or cultural treasures

    • Get allies out of dangerous areas
    • Get enemy defectors out of trouble
    • Get allied spies out of trouble

    Capture enemy troops
    • Captured General need to exfiltration for interrogation

    • Transportation Infrastructure
    • Equipment Factories
    • Resupply stations
    • Refineries
    • Munitions storage
    • Fuel storage
    • Supplies for weapons research (i.e. heavy water)
    • Disabling weapons or defenses before attack (without enemy finding out in time to react)
    • Enemy forces
      • Anti-aircraft battery

    • Marking targets for destruction
      • Installing radar
      • Painting with lasers
      • Call in coordinates on a map
      • ETC…

    • Wargame scenario
      • Enemy forces are in the area to conduct a war game.

    Change of Plans. Previously set up traps need to be canceled because friendly are now in danger or because the enemy has change route etc.
    • Obtain information from currier without them knowing
      • Battle plans
      • Defense plans
      • Locations of secret facilities
      • Locations of hidden munitions/ fuel supplies

    • Planting false information
      • Being captured with information
      • Being captured then providing false information when interrogated
      • Replacing correct information with false information

    • Helping “preferable” enemies get promoted over non-preferable enemies
      • Less violent
      • More easily manipulated

    • Detain enemy troops
      • Important individual
      • Entire battalions, brigades, fleets etc…

    • Resist counter espionage attempts
      • Reverse of any counter espionage attempt.

    • Develop Assets
      • Enlist spies for our side
      • Develop double agents
      • Utilize civilians to obtain information
      • Work with black market
      • Work with resistance organizations or other underground groups.
      • Blackmail
      • Convince Neutral (with important knowledge or skills) to work for your side.

    • Assist allied espionage unit
      • Deliver communications equipment
      • Deliver information or personnel

    • Impersonate enemy
      • Officers
      • Dignitaries

    • Capture enemy equipment
      • Extract for analysis
      • Use to infiltrate or attack enemy targets

    • Rescue ally who has important information
      • Ally hid information before being killed.. must find information.

    • Counterfeit operations of enemy currency

      “Scorched earth” enemy plans on destroying everything when they are forced to leave. Must uncover the plans and locations of hidden explosives to prevent plan from being enacted.
      Counter enemy propaganda
      Gather information
      • Enemy troops locations
      • Enemy equipment
      • Specific enemies (heroes, expert fliers, key leaders, etc..)

      Maintaining Secrecy
      • Rescue allied spies before they are interrogated
      • Destroy equipment or facilities which can lead enemy to other locations or people.
      • Capture or discredit defectors from your side.
      • “Friendly” publicity reveals details about the operation which make enemy suspect your operation.

      • Rob bank to get financing for operations
      • Steal car or equipment form local civilians.
      • Animals or beast of burden have escaped and need to be recaptured.
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