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Orav Tokan - Chief Engineer

Characters approved for play-by-post gaming.

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Orav Tokan - Chief Engineer

Postby obidancer » Mon Jan 09, 2017 11:04 pm

Orav Tokan / Chief Engineering

Career: Engineer
Specialization: Mechanics

Motivation: Belief - Justice : Despite the Tokan family's decision to abandon their pride to survive in the New Order, Orav holds true to the old tenets of honor and fairness that the noble family once held dear.

Connections - Military : Orav is deeply loyal to Dhas Vedij, willing to follow the man to hell and back if only because he sees the captain as a good man.

Duty: Tech Superiority 0 – The Far Orbit must be in its best shape possible for its class.
Earned Experience: 80
Unused XP: 0

Brawn: 2, Agility: 2, Intellect: 4, Cunning: 2, Willpower: 2, Presence: 2

Derived Attributes
Wound Thld: 14, Strain Thld: 12, Soak: 1, Defense: 1/1
Encumbrance: 7/12

Athletics (Br) 1, Brawl (Br) 0, Computers (Int) 3, Core Worlds (Int)* 1, Discipline (Wil)* 1, Education (Int) 0, Mechanics (Int) 3, Perception (Cun) 2, Piloting - Space (Ag) 1, Ranged - Light (Ag) 0, Skulduggery (Cun) 0, Vigilance (Wil) 0

Mechanic: Gearhead 2, Toughness 1, Fine Tuning 1, Solid Repair 3, Redundant Systems, Bad Motivator.

Personal Gear
:arrow: Armored Clothing - Soak: 1 Defense:1 - Custom Fit (Remove ■ from Athletics and Stealth checks., 2 Remove an additional setback from Athletics and Stealth check mods)
:arrow: P-14 Hazardous Industrial Suit - Soak:2 - Features: Counts as wearing a breath mask., Add ■■ to Resilience checks to resist heat. cold, radiation, or other hostile environmental conditions., Wearer does not suffer effects of Burn or Disorient qualities., When suffering strain to take an extra maneuver, suffer 1 additional strain., Attachments: Energy Dispersion System (When reducing strain damage by soak, count soak as two higher)
:arrow: HL-27 Light Blaster Pistol - Encumbrance: 1, Hard Points: 1/2, Rarity: 4, Price: 1,050, Damage: 5, Range: Medium, Critical: ωωω, Skill: Ranged - Light, Qualities: Accurate 2, Stun Setting, Attachments: Electronic Sighting System (1 Quality (Accurate 1) Mod, Allows shooter to aim as an incidental once per round at short range. Decreases the difficulty of Perception checks to locate the shooter in low light conditions by 1.)

Equipment and other Items

Heavy Clothing (Soak 1), Comlink (handheld), Datapad, Protective Goggles, Holo-Messenger, Emergency Repair Patch x3, Repulsor Clamp, Dataspike, Mechanical Dianoga, Mk. VI Modular Backpack, Model 58 Concealment Holster.
Credits Remaining: 505 (+ Pocket Change)
Funds: 612,043 credits

Orav was born with the Navy as his destiny. The Tokan family was of higher birth, but made its fortune in providing security for transport companies and colonization efforts. So, as was expected of him, Orav took up captaining one of the family's ships when he came of age. However, he spent more time in the engine room than on the bridge, which frustrated both his crew and his family. While his ship became the best fighter in the Tokan's fleet, Orav didn't captain it for long. Instead, much to his father's chagrin, Orav began to operate the family's privately-owned shipyard, with only the spur in productivity saving Orav from being disowned.

This continued until the Republic created it's new military at the outset of the Clone Wars, and the Tokan family's property was drafted into the service (though the family made sure to extract a high price for it). Orav enlisted all the same, quickly becoming the chief engineer of a Venator as a result of his skills. Unfortunately, his new position was threatened when the Jedi apparently turned on the Republic, but Orav refused to help the crew of the ship capture the Jedi that was on-board, allowing him to free through an escape pod in the engineering bay.

Then, the Republic became the Empire, and Orav found himself on the way to the execution block for abetting an enemy of the state. Luckily, the Tokan family had maneuvered themselves into a favorable position in Palpatine's New Order, and with a few clever lies and greased palms were able to save Orav at the cost of his career.

From that point on, Orav floated between positions nobody in their right mind would want, simply doing his job and keeping his head down to keep it from being lopped off. That is, until he was assigned to the Far Orbit, and met its second-in-command, Dhas Vedij. Orav was inspired by the man, seeing that their pasts had much in common, except Dhas' family was brave enough to call out the Empire for its hypocrisy. His presence invigorated Orav, and when it came time for the mutiny he needed nothing more than the new-captain's word to round up the loyalists in the engineering bay before they could sabotage the ship.

Orav, despite his age, tries to keep things in a lighter mood than one would expect on a Navy ship. However, while he's not above a dirty joke to lighten the mood, he tries to hold up the image of a model officer whenever such an appearance is required of him. His light-heartened exterior also fades when in a crisis situation, when Orav locks down and commits himself to the task.

Orav is a man of average size, whatever height he had over his compatriots lost at the onset of the later half of his fifties. He lost his hair at an early age, but still tries to hide it behind various hats. His eyes are hetero-chromatic, with one brown and the other blue. However, he uses contacts to make them match (though which color he chooses to match isn't always the same).

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