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Void-master Jake Neumeier

Characters approved for play-by-post gaming.

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Void-master Jake Neumeier

Postby DarthSmeg » Fri Sep 02, 2016 12:17 am

Home world: Void Born
Career: Ace
Specialization: Pilot - Bound for the Stars

Brawn: 2 (1+1), Agility: 4 (3+1), Willpower: 2
Intellect: 2, Cunning: 2, Presence: 2

Derived Attributes
Wound Thld: 11, Strain Thld: 13, Soak: 3 (5 in Armour)
Defense: 0, Encumbrance: 13/15

Career Skills
Perception (5XP)
Mechanics (5XP)
Ranged (Heavy)*
Pilot x2 (10XP)

Non-Career Skills
Use Technology (Void Born)

Skilled Jockey – Rank 1 (5 XP)
Let’s ride (5XP)
Rapid recovery (10 XP)

Personal Gear
Chrono, Magnoculars, Emergency Toolkit, Heavy Clothing & Laspistol.
Boltgun,Void Sealed Carapace Armor (Armoured voidsuit)
Backpack, Utility belt and combat webbing.

Jake is a strapping young lad with a cocky grin and a self-assure swagger. He stands almost 7 feet tall and is bulky for a Void-born. Usually attired in practical and sturdy frontiers garbs, his recent rise in fortune has seen him add the odd bling to the ensemble of belts and pockets. His grox-herder hat (won in a game of chance at the age of 19) is his prized possession, and he is rarely seen without it.

Jake has a distinguishing scar across his right cheek and chin, a souvenir from a near-fatal racing accident in his youth.

In Jake's eyes he has already won. From his starting position he has advanced further, and lived through more certain-death situations, than any would expect. This gives him a somewhat inflated ego and a happy-go-lucky attitude and carefree demeanor. His willingness to go along with any crazy plan is not so much bravery as the expectation that things will work out. After all, they always do! His usual comment on the current situation is "I'm sure we'll be all-right!".

Jake was born on the Fat Haul, a merchant vessel serving the charters of the Periphery and some slightly more central parts of the Calixis sector. Raised to take his father's place in the shuttlers guild, he learned to fly the mine-haulers and personnel-shuttles as a young boy, and as a teenager he was racing his friends in anything with an engine (and in some cases in things with things that only resembled engines, in a very loose sense of the word). In his formative years his time was spent flying between ships, cargo-ports and mining sites, but mostly waiting for the next assignment. Waiting, and wasting time with other stick-jockeys and locals in various backwater rough-joints. Cards, fights, drink, women and racing.

Fate intended Jake for other things, however, and when the fleet-master lost the Fat Haul and all auxiliaries and crew in a game, his new owner took the Haul away from the old known space-lanes and into unknown (for Jake, anyway) territories. Jake had always heard that the Periphery was the ***-end of space, but it was positively metropolitan compared to the frontiers in the Expanse. The locals were harder, if possible, but that was OK. What really put some years on him was the frequent hostile contacts with raiders of all kinds, including xeno-scum. Jake had to learn not just to fly fast and tight, but also to handle weapons. He saw the odd ground-engagement, too. Fighting to hold a mining installation, or to secure the hasty evac. Without really noticing it happening, Jake found himself reassigned from cargo to combat, and a member of Wing-5 on the Hard Bargain.

Military discipline didn't really agree with Jake, however, and only his undeniable skills prevented a disastrous end to his career. His somewhat strained relationship with his wing commander and deck-ops saw him assigned to odd tasks and low survival-probability missions more often than his peers, and during one particular negotiation-meeting of the illicit kind he caught the eye of the Rogue Trader (Insert correct name here) as things went to **** in a most decisive way and only some truly inspired flying saw him save himself (and the other participants of the deal). Now he flies for (whatshisname) as exclusive and personal pilot, and the luxurious and extravagant lifestyle that comes with the position is still overwhelming to him. The realization that from here anything is possible is slowly dawning on Jake, and an ambition he did not know lived within him is starting to make itself know.
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