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Seneschal Eustace Trevelyan

Characters approved for play-by-post gaming.

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Seneschal Eustace Trevelyan

Postby Potato » Wed Jul 20, 2016 6:09 pm

Seneschal Eustace Trevelyan

Homeworld: Hive World
Career: Explorer
Specialization: Trader
Motivation: Dynasty (Loyalty to the Rogue Trader Dynasty as a whole)
Post Creation Experience: 0/0

Brawn: 1, Agility: 2, Willpower: 2
Intellect: 3, Cunning: 3, Presence: 2

Derived Attributes
Wound Thld: 9, Strain Thld: 14, Soak: 1(+1)
Defense: 0(+3), Encumbrance: +/+

Career Skills
Navigation 0
Cool 1
Knowledge (Imperium) 1
Knowledge (Astromancy) 1
Forbidden Knowledge (Xenology) 1
Perception 1
Piloting (Space) 1
Survival 0
Deception 1
Commerce 2 (Replaced one of the Knowledges with this, otherwise there'd be two Knowledge (Imperium)'s in class skills.)
Forbidden Knowledge (Imperium) 2
Negotiation 2

Non-Career Skills
Use Technology 1
Ranged (Personal) 1

Caves of Steel: Remove 1 black from checks to navigate or move in urban environments or conditions.
Indistinguishable 1: Opposing characters upgrade the difficulty of any checks made to identify her by 1.
Know Somebody 1: Once per session, when attempting to purchase a legally available item, reduce its rarity by 1.
Wheel & Deal: Gain a number of automatic [Advantages] to all Acquisition checks equal to ranks in Wheel & Deal.

Personal Gear
Armoured Clothing (Defense: 1, Soak: 1, HP: 0, Encumbrance: 2)
Refractor Field (Defense: 2, Soak: 0, HP: 0, Encumbrance: 1)
Bolt Pistol (Dam: 7, Crit: 3, Rg: Medium, HP: 2, Sp: (Vicious (1)), Enc: 2)
Sword (Dam: +2, Crit: 4, Rg: Engaged, HP: 1, Sp: Defensive (1), Enc: 2)
Chrono (Enc: 0)
3 boxes of lho leaves (Enc: 0)
3 cases of lho stick paper (Enc: 0)
Autoquill (Enc: 0)
Dataslate (Enc: 1)
Canteen (Enc: 1)

Total Starting EXP purchases:
Free Skills
Cool 1, Knowledge (Imperium) 1, Forbidden Knowledge (Xenology) 1, Knowledge (Astromancy) 1, Negotiation 1, Commerce 1
Intellect 3 (30 EXP), Commerce 2 (10 EXP), Negotiation 2 (10 EXP), Forbidden Knowledge (Imperium) 1 (5 EXP), Forbidden Knowledge (Imperium) 2 (10 EXP), Ranged (Personal) 1 (10 EXP), Deception 1 (5 EXP), Perception 1 (5 EXP), Pilot (Space) 1 (5 EXP), Know Somebody 1 (5 EXP), Wheel and Deal 1 (5 EXP)
Total: 100/100 EXP spent.

Eustace was born on Footfall, among the scum and villains of a city only nominally devoted to the Emperor. A hub of business in Winterscale's Realm, it hung in space as a nexus of trade and commerce, and the young girl who would later become a Seneschal stalked its streets as a scavenger and urchin. For most of her early life, Eustace made a living in those streets. But she had always had a head for economy and numbers, self taught from skulking around near the backs of merchant premises, and eventually she decided she was too smart for mere survival. Stowing away on the first ship off Footfall, Eustace became a scribe and coin-counter for hire at the tender age of 16.

But Eustace never gave up on her Footfallen contacts, and even as she did counting work for several traders across the expanse, she expanded her network Upon the many worlds of the Imperium she met the unsavoury and worked for the honest alike, gaining a repertoire of knowledge on the less canny members of the Imperium. It wasn't long before her skills caught the eye of a small Rogue Trader who quickly snapped her up and put her to work as a master of coin for one of his many ships.

This was not the regular trade, of course. This was usury and financial matters, and often she had to organise men to collect debts. Once more, her fostering underworld connections bore fruit, and she quickly found out some... less above the board elements of society to help her with her various duties. But this was not to last. In the 26th year of her life, the Rogue Trader themselves fell into debt, and they were forced to foreclose to Primero Lunation, head of the Lunation family of Rogue Traders. Thus, was Eustace brought into the fold, where she simply melted into the background of their offices and observed.

Eventually, she began to gain the trust of her Rogue Trader once more, rising in the Lunation dynasty's esteem like a ghost of good omen. She became known as a reliable woman, someone with a steady hand and a wide array of experience. Her decade in the wilderness had reduced her contact web to almost nothing, but her knowledge of the criminal underworld was still there and she was knowledgeable on deals both fair and foul. By the age of 36, she was working as an assistant to the head Seneschal of the Lunation dynasty, dealing with loans and money movements of truly staggering size. Here she stayed for over 20 years, in her element and with plenty of pay.

Now she is 59, her hair going grey and enough lho for several hundred sticks in her belt. Her unique blend of talents make her perfect for the role of advisor to a newly minted scion of the Lunation dynasty. With her advice, her knowledge both allowed and forbidden and with a steady stream of reports to her master Primero, Eustace will guide this young individual to the heights of the Warrant's power.

A calm and soft spoken lady, who effects to be a common crewmember unless she has to appear in her official capacity. She can often be found in fairly drab clothes when not in her official Seneschal getup, simply watching the other crewmates carefully. She, at least to begin with, is more than happy to share what she knows with her charge, and regards her job with pride and satisfaction. Matters are only truly serious when her latest lho rollup is nowhere near her mouth.

A greying brown haired green eyed woman with slightly tanned skin and a slight build. Standing at 5'5", she is not at all that heavy, preferring lighter clothes wherever she can and shunning anything she deems too elaborate. Although most of the time she travels in a regular voidswoman uniform and perhaps a cloak to conceal firearms, she also has a reinforced jacked with a tunic and trousers underneath in the house colours, for when she simply must leave an impression.
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