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Comenzar Lunation (Rogue Trader)

Characters approved for play-by-post gaming.

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Comenzar Lunation (Rogue Trader)

Postby swrider » Thu Jul 07, 2016 1:27 pm

Name Comenzar Lunation
Species Nobility
Career Commander
Spec. Figure head

WT 11
ST 12
Armor: Defense: 0, Soak: 1, HP: 0, Encumbrance: 1, Rarity: 5, Cost: 1

BR 2
In 2
CU 2
Wil 3
Pr 4

Coercion 0
Cool 2
Discipline 1
leadership 1
negotiation 1
perception 1
vigilance 1
ranged light 1
charm 1
core worlds 0
warfare 0
melee 1

Decadence: Remove a black from checks to resist the effects of intoxicants and other indulgences.


The middle of three triplet males, the eldest sons of banking tycoon Primero Lunation. Comenzar, was settled to live a quiet life running the core business of the dynastys banking empire while his elder brother Terminar explored the great unknown expanding the dynasties wealth, influence and power. Comenzar world was recently shattered by the return of his brother’s flagship. A recent repossession of a colony went horribly wrong. The colony had been destroyed by a Xeno plague which ravaged the landing party. Terminar, always leading from the front, had lead that party personally. His body contained within a biological containment had been returned to the family where it could be seen before incineration. With little time left to remain their father called Comenzar and his younger triplet Esperar into the corporate headquarters informing them that Comenzar would captain the ship back into the outer regions. His brother Esperar would lead dynasty operations within the empire, both under the directions of their father.
The family had long since acquired a Warrant of trade held Comenzar’s father. It was now his obligation to act as acting Rogue Trader taking upon himself the mantle of his brother. As the ship prepared to leave imperial space the parting words of his father rang in Comenzar’s ears: “Use your advisors, but trust no one!”

Personality: a charismatic figure within in his fathers dynasty. Comenzar often uses wits and charm to avoid trouble or confrontation. Favoring negotiations over violence he was well suited to a life at the dynasty headquarters supporting his elder brother. Hesitant with his new found responsibilities Comenzar has a lot to learn about becoming the rogue trader.

Motivation: Family Impress father in order to inherit warrant of trade.

Assetts: 5
Under Armor:Defense: 0, Soak: 1, HP: 0, Encumbrance: 1, Rarity: 5, Cost: 1
Chrono: A timekeeping devise, typically warn on the wrist or by chain from a pocket.

Encumbrance: 0, Rarity: 1, Cost: 0
Magnoculars: Magnifies visual images. Available from 10:1 to 1000:1

Encumbrance: 0, Rarity: 1, Cost: 0

Laspistol: The basic sidearm of the 41st millennium. What it lacks in stopping power it makes up for in reliability and economy.

Dam: 4, Crit: 5, Rg: Medium, HP: 1, Sp: (Reliable, Infinite), Enc: 1, Rare: 1, Cost: 0
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