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Frank "Buzz" (Fight or Flight)

Initial Character concepts can be posted here prior to a new game's sub-forum being created.

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Frank "Buzz" (Fight or Flight)

Postby dtdunn » Mon Mar 14, 2016 4:28 pm

Frank “Buzz” “Bucket”
Career/Specialization: Ace-Gunner, Gadgeteer
Species: Gank
Racial Abilities: +1 Vigilance, Cybernetic Cap 3+Brawn, Cybernetics at creation
Wounds: 17 (10+3Brawn+4Toughness)
Strain: 13 (10+3Willpower)
Soak: 5 (3Brawn+2Armor)

Brawn 3 (2+xp)
Agility 4 (2+xp+Cybernetic)
Intellect 2
Cunning 3 (2+xp)
Willpower 3 (2+xp)
Presence 1
Ranged Defense: 2 (shield)
Melee Defense: 2 (shield)

Skills: (Career skill/HowPurchased)
Brawn Based:
Brawl (gadgeteer)
Resilience (gunner)
Agility Based:
2 Gunnery (ace,gunner/Ace+gunner)
Pilot-Planet (ace)
Pilot-Space (ace)
2 Ranged-Lt (ace, gadgeteer/ace+xp)
2 Ranged-Hv (gunner/gunner+xp)
Intellect Based::
Astrogation (ace)
Mechanics (Ace, gadgeteer)
Knowledge (Core, Education, Lore, Outer Rim, Underworld, Xenology, Warfare)
Cunning Based:
2+ Perception (ace/ace+1 rank and +1 Boost from Helmet Omniscan 3)
Willpower Based:
Coercion (gadgeteer)
1 Discipline (gunner/xp)
1 Vigilance (racial bonus)
Presence Based:
1 Cool (ace/ace)

Enemy of the Empire: Lifelong fight against the Empire. Suspected Rebellion operative.
Bounty: Choose to free an slave of the Black Sun syndicate (was Rebellion operative)
Duty: 10 Support. A long time Rebellion operative he has spent his whole life helping the rebellion any way possible.

Armor: Laminate (+2 Soak)

Security S-5 Blaster Pistol (KtP:43) Implanted/Jury-Rigged (swapped out to this)
Activv1 Riot Shield with weapon sling and Quick Draw mod (FH:42)
Vibroknife (AoR:182)
SoroSuub CS-12 Stun Master, wrist mounted (SoR:108)
Heavy Blaster Rifle with Marksman Barrel 2x accurate mods (AoR:201), Weapons Sling (quickdraw mod) (EotE:193), Electronic Sighting System (1x accurate mod) (SoR:110)
2x Heavy Frag Grenade (DC:47)

Cybernetics: (first three from starting character funds)
Cybernetic Weapon (see above, Jury-rigged to replace with pistol above)
Hidden Storage (FC:48)
Gank Comm Implant (LoNH:107)
Cybernetic Arm (+1 Agility)

Laminate armor, helmet with integrated comm, respirator, Omniscan 3
Imperial Army Pack
Utility Belt
Synth-flesh additions to face (post injury, appears more like a scarred human now)
Concealing Robes
Stim packs
Synth rope, reloads x2, rations x3
Scout 5 Field Goggles (no mechanical benefit) DC:58

Encumbrance: 5+3=8, +6 for pack, +2 for utility belt = 4 Armor, 12 weapons/gear = 16

XP Starting: 110 + 10 Obligation
XP Starting Spent: 30 Brawn, 30 Agility, 30 Willpower, 30 Cunning
100p for campaign:
RangedHv (10) #2

RangedLt (10) #2

Gunner (5)1 Debilitating Shot 

Gunner (10) 2 True Aim

Gunner (5) 3 Durable

Gunner (10) 4 Toughened 

Discipline (5) #1

Gadgeteer 30

Gadgeteer (5) 1 Toughened

Gadgeteer (10) 2 Jury-Rigged

Average height male Gank, young-adult aged (equivalent of 22 in human years). Yellow skinned, hairy, squared-off faced with beady eyes. Has had surgical repair of facial skin with human color and facial shape, same yellow eyes, but surgery left scarred skin all over bald head. He will typically where his Field Goggles when not in helmet, however Frank is almost never without his Armor and Helmet. His voice is usually coming from behind the helmet, and has the typical sound of a voice coming through flat speakers. Without the helmet he has similar sounding voice. His laugh that is very odd, almost like a plains roaming laughing space-dog; high pitched and out of control. Most don't try to make him laugh after hearing it once. He remembers only being called Frank, perhaps as light hearted joke, by his parents. His real name is still a minor mystery. Of course now he goes by any number of field names.

He was from a rare group of Ganks that were sympathetic to the Rebellion and adopted their ways. His family was one such group. His parents travelled from world to world on missions for the Rebellion, often bringing him as 'cover', making like a family that they were. Due to their very unique species characteristics, they were kept as somewhat outsiders, used but kept at a distance. This souted them fine and allowed for less chance of discovery. As his parents became more successful they were brought into the higher level circles; this was at the time the Death Star was near-completion.

Growing up this way he naturally defaulted toward being rebellion sympathetic, but it was once Frank was of age he found his real passion in weapons training, both land, vehicle and starship. He blames his genetic heritage for the thrill he gets from using such deadly weapons. He also excelled at making his armor match the environment, either for stealth, or to blend in to a group of Stormtroopers.

After several setbacks, including losing touch with his family (unclear if in hiding, caught or dead) he has now been a special operations officer for the rebellion for many years. His last mission was to be part of team Minotaur to investigate rumors of a rebel cell in the heart of the inquisitor world on Prakith. He was chosen due to his familiarity with stormtroopers and their armor, as well as his martial skills.

(This is in place of the Iktotchi due to already having a good mechanic character in the group)
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Re: Frank "Buzz" "Metal-head" (Fight or Flight)

Postby swrider » Mon Mar 14, 2016 9:34 pm

I have run out of time to review this character tonight, but I will attempt to review and approve it tomorrow.
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