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Dtdunn: Kobet Tiin (Flight or Fight)

Initial Character concepts can be posted here prior to a new game's sub-forum being created.

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Dtdunn: Kobet Tiin (Flight or Fight)

Postby dtdunn » Sun Mar 06, 2016 12:13 pm

Kobet Tiin “Red”, “Happy”
Male Iktotchi
Guardian - Armorer
Brawn (2) 3
Agility 2
Cunning 2
Willpower 3
Intellect (2) 4
Presence 1

Wounds: 15 10base+3Brawn+2Toughened
Strain: 16 12base+3Will+1Grit
Soak: 6 2PaddedArmor+3Brawn+1Talent
Defense: 2/2 (Shield)
Force Rating: 1
Racial Abilities: +1Vigilance. Precognition: Use Triumph for free maneuver before initiative for self or ally

Skills: (Career skill:HowPurchased g=Guardian, a=Armorer, rb=Racial Bonus, xp=XP)

Brawn Based:
Brawl (g:)
1 Lightsaber (a:a)
1 Melee (g:g)
Resilience (g+a:)

Agility Based:

Cunning Based:
1 Perception (Cybernetic eye)

Willpower based:
1 Discipline (g:xp)
3 Vigilance (g:g+rb+Cybernetic eye)

Intellect Based:
1 Computers (xp)
3 Mechanics (a:a+xp+xp) (Talent removes 2 SB)
Knowledge:Outer Rim (a:)

Presence Based:
1 Cool (g:g)

Obligation: 5:Enemy of the Empire:Escapee of the Empires, threat of someone finding out his Force powers
5: Bounty for accidental embarrassment of wealthy corporate boss and his fetish adoring daughter

Armor: Padded Armor

Activv1 Riot Shield with weapon sling and Quick Draw mod (FH:42)
Vibroknife (AoR:182)
SoroSuub CS-12 Stun Master, wrist mounted (SoR:108)
Vibrorapier (FC:46) in Shadowsheath (FnD:194) with Magnetic Weapon Tether (KtP:54)

Scanner Goggles (FnD:185)
Cybernetic Eye
Imperial Army Military Pack (DC:59)
Concealing Robes (FnD:179)
5 Stim Packs
Com link, Rations, Synth-rope, Binders x2, Respirator
Left Horn: Small storage area, attached with internal latch that can only be moved by the Force.

Encumbrance: 5+3Br+6pack:14

Armor: 2


Gear: ~4
Total: 13

XP Starting: 90+10 Obligation, +100xp character update to campaign level

XP Spent:
30+40 Intellect
30 Brawn
Armorer Talents: 5:Toughened, 5:Gearhead, 5:Inventor, 10:Gearhead, 15:Mental Tools, 10:Grit, 10:Armor Master Total: 60
Skills: Mechanics #2,#3 (10+15), Discipline #1 (5), Computers #1 (10) Total: 40

XP Gained Post Creation: 100xp starting character update for campaign


65 year old male. Solid build of hard labor. Average height with no hair, rough voice, burned clay colored skin. Cousin of Jedi Counsel Member and lightsaber master Saesee Tiin. He appears to be slightly older than middle age, with burned-clay toned skin and signs of a hard life. His right horn is nearly completely missing and only the stump can be seen near his scalp. His left horn was cut off mid-section and using his mechanical skills he has fashioned a replacement horn made of durasteel. Attached it with a latch only removable using the force, and it contains a small compartment. Still visible are the remains of a deep scar running into his left eye that has been fairly well repaired, including with a prosthetic eye. It is clear that the wound he took on his left face must have nearly killed him when it cleaved his left horn in half.

During the transformation from the Republic to the Empire he was on his homeward of Iktotch. As he is not a Jedi he also was insulated from the immediate effects of order 66. It wasn’t until later he learned of the death of his cousin Saesee Tiin at the hands of the Emperor, and then the slaughter of the Jedi. His initial response was to try to find any surviving Jedi, but when the hand of the Empire can down hard over the core worlds, he found himself finding what work he could in the outer rim. Like his cousin he had an innate connection with the force, but had no interest in the ways of the Jedi. Instead his skill was in mechanical construction. Over the next several years he trained as a mechanic, hiding his connection to the force.

It was later that he was found by a Rebellion cell and has spent the last 10 years working with the Rebellion as a mechanic in a special operations cell. His current duties put him on a path to the ancient Sith planet of Prakith. The team he is part of were tasked with intelligence gathering on a planet that is hostile to both aliens, and the rebellion. (See latest events leading to joining the Fight or Flight Campaign in the Prakith Cell campaign)

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Re: Dtdunn: Phineas or Po

Postby ShadoWarrior » Sun Mar 06, 2016 12:39 pm

Phineas has 185 XP, while our characters have 190, so he'd fit in. We can also use someone with his non-combat skills set. It'd be better if the character you bring in has ranged instead of melee, though.

Other than being a Force-user, your description of Po fails to give any hint as to his skills. I'm guessing he's another melee type, with roguish skills, much like Phineas.

BTW, as the board admin, I moved this topic to the character review subforum. The character database subforum for each game is strictly for approved characters, not for character proposals and discussion thereof.
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Re: Dtdunn: Kobet Tiin (Flight or Fight)

Postby swrider » Tue Mar 08, 2016 9:01 am

Looks good. I still need to program it into the character generator but you should be fine to move him into the Fight or Flight character database.

Also, I do not have access to any of the source books besides EotE and AoR so if you would provide a brief description of the key pieces of equipment from the other books it would be appreciated. (iI they are in OggDudes character generator just say so as I can download the most recent version easily enough.)
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Re: Dtdunn: Kobet Tiin (Flight or Fight)

Postby ShadoWarrior » Tue Mar 08, 2016 9:29 am

OggDude's generator doesn't specify for many (most?) items what the special traits of items are. The description just refers you to a book and page number. You can easily miss important bits of info.
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Re: Dtdunn: Kobet Tiin (Flight or Fight)

Postby swrider » Wed Mar 09, 2016 7:44 pm

This character is approved please copy and paste him into the Fight or flight character database sub forum.
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