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The Shiny Palace

Re: The Shiny Palace

Postby Quicksilver » Sun Feb 21, 2016 6:06 pm

"Just a moment." MidDen replied exceedingly quickly, her thick, suited fingers tapping dexterously on both the sensor and internal systems controls. "Ah, yes. Um." She continued as the sensor system tried to respond to her commands. "The computer should give us something in a moment."

While the system worked, MidDen joined Hardnox and others at the viewscreen. "Great garbage heap! It would be difficult to get in without risking damage to our ship, or worse, knocking a hunk of metal into the escape pod." Her eyestocks pushed up against the faceplate of her helmet, as though she might see more from being a few inches closer. She was still studying the situation when her comm activated.

"Oh, Eckhal - This is MidDen." She said, her voice echoing in her helmet. "We picked up a signal from an escape pod among this debris. We think it may be the captain who dropped us off."

So, thought was scanning a pod for life signs should be easy, but there's debris (1 setback) and the system is patched together (2 setbacks)
Sensors (Computers): 4eA+1eD+3eS 2 successes

MidDen's attention turned back to the computer display as it beeped the end of its analysis, displaying the results for her to decipher. "Looks like there is a lifesign on board – but I'm also detecting damage to the pod. Life Support systems are barely functioning, it doesn't look like it will sustain the survivor for more than another twenty minutes. We must hurry. Perhaps I can take a rope or cable and go out after it?"
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Re: The Shiny Palace

Postby swrider » Thu Mar 03, 2016 8:34 am

3.14-lt hears MidDen's words and begins pushing the Phoenix into the debris field. "I'm positioning the cargo bay now so you can make an attempt at salvage." After about two minute he continues "This is as close as we can get, there is too much debris. We're about 50 meters from the pod."
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Re: The Shiny Palace

Postby swrider » Mon Mar 07, 2016 8:49 pm

Hearing the voice over the intercom Ari and Hardnox rush to the space suits getting ready for an extra vehicular rescue. MidDen guides them through the use of the sensors and soon they have launched themselves onto the escape pod and have it lashed on. Climbing back along their tethers they pull the escape pod into the hangar bay. Once inside the daunting task of rescuing the sole passenger, the pilot who brought them to the planet, comes into clear view. The two work together to push the escape pod into the airlock separating the cargo bay form the hanger.

Placing the pilot into one of the pressurized suites Hardnox carries him to the upper levels and into the medical bay where MidDen and the medicine man work furiously to stabilize the dying figure. working through the first night they are able to end the risk of death but are unable to wake their patient from a deep coma.
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