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Keeping in touch and common courtesy towards fellow players

Real life discussions. Marriages, children, puppies, complaining about your brother-in-law, whatever...

Keeping in touch and common courtesy towards fellow players

Postby ShadoWarrior » Mon Nov 23, 2015 11:25 am

MrInstructor wrote:Yikes, just read what happened on the AtF forum, I'm really sorry if I caused trouble these last few weeks and making all of you wait... I'd also like to actually thank you guys for waiting for me as I battle the evil forces of RL.

You're welcome, and you didn't cause any trouble. There is a key and enormous difference between the now-dropped players in AtF and those (such as yourself) in this game (and my other games as well). That difference is that you and other mature and responsible players have made an effort to let the rest of us know, in advance (as I expect), when RL is/was intruding so that we could work around such issues. Just disappearing, as they did, and holding up a game while no one has any idea if they're ever coming back is inconsiderate, rude, and just plain unacceptable. Unless someone's been taken by ambulance to the hospital, or incapacitated to the point of immobility, there simply isn't any excuse for not taking a minute or two to post a short note giving fellow players (and the GM) a heads-up that they'll be unavailable. Got the flu and feel miserable? Let us know. Have to work or study? Let us know. Have to attend a wedding or your wife is having a kid? Let us know. Feeling burned out and need a breather? Let us know. (Sensing a theme?) These are all things, BTW, that have happened to players in my games in the past couple of years and those players all let us know in advance and we worked around them and life continued smoothly and happily for everyone.
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