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After the Fall - Into the Flames (IC)

IC Game Play

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After the Fall - Into the Flames (IC)

Postby ShadoWarrior » Sun Oct 11, 2015 3:40 pm


Episode I
Into the Flames

in media res


On Coruscant, a quartet of nearly-exhausted Jedi Padawans run towards a landing platform attached to one of the city's gleaming towers, fleeing from a droideka sending a hail of blaster bolts their way.


Not far behind the fearsome war machine, two squads of super battle droids move to cut off other avenues of escape. On the platform sits a relatively well-kept YT-2400 light freighter which nonetheless has some carbon scoring and flaking paint. A <insert species for pilot PC> directs a couple of ASP droids in the loading of unmarked cargo containers heaped nearby. The droideka's errant shots blast the mechanical stevedores into scrap metal, putting an end to their labors.



Within one of the great fighter bays aboard the Republic flagship Dauntless, General Rahm Kota speaks to a young <insert species for Jedi PC> as technicians and droids bustle about, intent on their work and paying no attention to the two Jedi. The object of the Jedi Master's focus is <insert name of Jedi PC>, a now-masterless Padawan who has recently joined the Rebellion. "<insert name of Jedi PC>, I need you to go to Coruscant and contact Master Piell. You must warn him that it is too dangerous for him to remain there. My sources tell me that the Inquisitorius has become aware of his presence, and that of the other Jedi. It is only a matter of time before they close in. Leave now. Make haste. And may the Force be with you."

Deep in the dim and dirty bowels of Coruscant, two Imperial Inquisitors, garbed in black robes and wielding red sabers, along with a quartet of droideka, several MagnaGuards, and an entire company of factory-fresh bluish-grey super battle droids descend upon a secret gathering of Jedi survivors of the Purge. Unsurprised, and moving with supernatural haste, Jedi Knights Sha Koon, Jax Pavan, and Laranth Tarak flee in separate directions drawing immediate pursuit by most of the droids. Padawans <insert name of Jedi PC>, <insert name of Jedi PC>, <insert name of Jedi PC>, and <insert name of Jedi PC> together head off in yet another direction, as Master Piell gallantly remains behind to cover the young ones' escape. The short, battle-scarred Jedi warrior fearlessly engages the dark servants of the Empire in saber combat. Unfortunately for the apprentices, one of the droideka and a couple of squads of battle droids notice them and give chase.


cut to the present

The Jedi have been running for their lives for quite some time, hence the exhaustion that will soon begin to set in. They have gone from the undercity up through a tower, in a running defensive fight against the faster droideka, unable to close with and engage it without being swamped by both its firepower and that of the eight B2 droids (two minion groups) following behind. The droideka easily keeps pace with the Jedi, periodically planting itself and laying down withering fire until the B2s catch up. The Jedi quickly realized that whomever/whatever is remotely controlling the droids knows enough about Jedi to make their use of Force powers against the droids exceedingly difficult.

Each Jedi has accrued 2 strain from their exertions. A ImageImage Knowledge (Warfare) check reveals that the droids are using standard military leapfrog tactics. A ImageImage Knowledge (Warfare) check reveals that once the fugitives reach open spaces they will be subject to aerial pursuit and attack, which will quickly be the end of them. (Hence why you've been fleeing inside a tower, though you're about to run out of room to run.)

Yes, that's <insert name of pilot PC>'s ship, and yes, that's him standing outside and now shocked to discover that he's caught downrange in a free-fire zone in what should have been a safe, upscale location. Making matters worse, the valuable cargo strewn about belongs to Ziro the Hutt, which the smuggler was hired to take to Nar Shaddaa. <insert name of rogue PC> is inside the ship, becoming acquainted with the vessel. <insert name of rogue PC> works for Ziro, and is tasked with making sure that the cargo arrives at its destination, intact.
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