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Owyn Daniels

Characters approved for play-by-post gaming.

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Owyn Daniels

Postby DeepSpacer » Fri Apr 01, 2016 7:45 pm

Character Name ... Owyn Daniels
Species ... Duros
Career ... Spy
Specialization ... Slicer
Duty ... Intelligence: 0 (Group Contribution Rank 1)
(10 minus 10 for xp) started completely disconnected from the Rebel Alliance
Eyes ...orange, Skin … green, Hair ... none, Height 1.6m, Weight 72kg
Characteristics (125pts) Br 1, Ag 3, Int 4, Cun 4, Will 2, Pres 2
Soak Value 3 (1+2), Wounds 12 (11+1), Strain 13, Defenses 1/1
Skills ... (40pts) Computers 2, Cool, Coordination, Deception 2, Perception 1, Skulduggery 1, Stealth 2, Knowledge: Warfare 1, Education 2, Underworld 1, (Non-career: Piloting-Planetary 1, +1 Advantage on Astrogation)
Talents ... (150pts) Bypass Security (5), Codebreaker (5/20), Technical Aptitude (5), Defensive Slicing (10/20), Natural Programmer (15), Improved Defensive Slicing (20), Resolve (20), Grit (5), Dedication (25)
Gear ... heavy clothes (+1 soak, enc 1), Stun Grenade(1en), Blaster Carbine(3en), Backpack (+4en), Utility Belt (+1en), Datapad (1en), Slicer Gear (A computer & stuff, 2en) (500cr), Electronic Lock-Breaker (1en,auto), General Purpose Scanner (.5km motion, 2en), Superior Armored Clothing (+1 Def, +2 Soak),
Other: Alliance Environmental Suit, Breath Mask (1e), Thermal Cloak (2e),
Encumbrance … 10/11 (5+1Br+4Bkpk+1Belt)
Offense … Offense? What offense? Blaster Carbine
Credits … 6,940cr
Experience Points (Spent/Unspent)… 290/5 (100 + 10 Duty + 20GM + 160 Campaign)
Points: +125 Attributes + 150 Talents + 40 Skills
Following the Clone Wars, the Empire plundered what was left of the natural resources on Duros, leaving the planet in shambles. Owyn developed an intense dislike for the Empire and its anti-alien ways while living in the Core Worlds. He was witness to the indiscriminate persecution of non-humans. Prakith became a symbol of Imperial dominance within the Core Worlds (with an Imperial training Center there for Stormtroopers and Inquisitors) and Owyn sought to become a thorn in its side, so to speak. Owyn heard a rumor of a band of rebel alliance spies on Prakith and arranged travel there. Once there, he attempted to use his knowledge of computers to make contact with the spies. Along the way, he also painted his particular brand of holo-tech graffiti across Imperial Holonet sites and (to his surprise) was tracked down by the Empire. His naïve and blundering attempt to vandalize Imperial networks cost him his freedom. Owyn has been sitting in prison for years pondering the folly and inexperience of his youth. As a veteran prisoner, he is familiar with the Asonel Mines, its network, and the routines there. He’s had some time to eavesdrop and familiarize himself with the codes and communications used in Asonel (Codebreaker Talent) as well as the security systems, doors, and access panels within the prison (Bypass Security Talent). Sometimes he's asked to assist with monitoring mine production since he is so much more efficient at it than the local guards.

His overall dreams include seeing the Empire brought to its knees and seeing his home world of Duros liberated from the Empire. His reckless ways have left him adrift and without much to show for his efforts. He was never able to contact anyone on Prakith that had anything to do with the Rebellion. As far as he knows, such a rebel cell does not exist at all and his life, to this point, has been vague and meaningless.

Owyn often shows poor judgement when it comes to dealing with the Imperials. His emotions get the better of him. He was led to Prakith on a rumor and now wonders if it wasn’t all just an Imperial ploy to entrap rebellious aliens (Leaving him rather depressed and hopeless). Owyn has the nerve of a geek-ish, overly-curious, authority-defying, modern internet hacker. He has a somewhat rebellious attitude towards authority figures, in general, due to some bad experiences in the past. You could say that he is quite bold behind a keyboard but rather cowardly and meek in-person. You could say that he’s non-violent, preferring to use weapons on stun rather than strike for blood. Despite his physical weakness (Brawn 1), Owyn tends to come up with intelligent ways to outsmart his opponents, on occasion. Owyn always believes that he’s ahead of the game, so to speak. That is, he thinks he's outsmarted his opponents (despite his recent blundering failure).

(Think of Boris in Golden Eye, Matthew Broderick in Wargames, and young John Connor in Terminator 2)
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Postby DeepSpacer » Fri Jun 24, 2016 5:56 pm

Rec'd 20k credits and +20xp
...Spent 20xp on Defensive Slicing
6-24-12: added gear purchased, reduced credits
7-11-16: +20xp, Duty to '0', Group Rank 1
...Spent 20xp on Improved Defensive Slicing
1-16-17: +50xp
....Spent 40xp on Codebreaker & Resolve, 5xp Grit
3-16-17: +25xp & 7,850cr
... Spent 25xp on Dedication
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Level 7
Posts: 673
Joined: Tue Mar 17, 2015 5:24 pm
Location: Virginia

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