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Characters approved for play-by-post gaming.

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Postby Quicksilver » Tue Mar 17, 2015 7:40 pm

Ugor Antiquarian

Species: Ugor
Career: Explorer
Specialization: Archeologist
Obligation: Criminal 5, Hunted 5
Duty: Support 0

Brawn 3, Agility 3, Intellect 4, Willpower 2, Cunning 2, Presence 1

Derived Traits
Soak: 6
Wound Threshold: 13
Strain Threshold: 14
Defense 0
Encumbrance Capacity: 8 or 15
MidDen in her Envirosuit

Athletics 1, Coordination 1, Perception 2
Cool 1, Discipline 1
Astrogation 1, Medicine 1, Survival 1
Kn. (Education) 2, Kn. (Lore) 2*, Kn. (Outer Rim) 2, Kn. (Xenology) 2

{Well Rounded}, {Hard Headed}, {Researcher}, {Grit}
{-}, {Toughened}, {Resolve}, {Specialization*}

  • Valerenn Environmentals Enviro-Suit, Custom Refitted (Superior)
    • Soak 3, En: 3 (0 when worn), setback on Agility & Perception
    • When activated, immune to environmental effects, 8 hours operating time.
    • Integrated Comlink
  • Lardanis Survival Systems Enviro-Suit (Original)
    • Soak 2, En: 3 (0 when worn), setback on Agility & Perception
    • When activated, immune to environmental effects, 8 hours operating time.
  • GRE Industries synth-leather Bantha Whip
    • Melee, Dam: 4, Crit: 4, Rg: Short, En: 1, HP: 0/1, Sp: Ensnare 1, Stun Damage
  • XET Industries Model C "Fiver" Self-Defense Pistol
    • Ranged [Light], Dam: 5, Crit: 4, Rg: Short, En: 2, HP: 1/1, Sp: Accurate 1, Limited Ammo 5
    • Bantha's Eye Laser: +1 Advantage on every roll.
  • Czerka Arms Model 38 Sharpshooter's Rifle
    • Ranged [Heavy]: Dam: 8, Crit: 3, Rg: Extreme, En: 5, HP: 2/4, Sp: Accurate 2, Pierce 3
    • Omni-Scope: -1 difficulty at Long and Extreme Range, -2 Setback from environmental conditions
  • Loronar Corporation Excavator Precision Tool Kit
    • En: 5, contains a number of well-crafted hand tools and essential accessories for excavation of ancient sites and general exploration
  • Mammon Hoole's Species Database
    • En: 2, +2 Boost to (Xenology), A large database of species biology with some cultural notes
  • General Purpose Scanner
    • En: 2, detects nearby life signs, heat signatures, different sources of radiation and sounds
  • Macrobinoculars
    • En: 1, allow sight over long distances.
  • Valerenn Environmentals Equipment Harness
    • En: +3, A series of clips, straps and small pockets arrayed on the Envirosuit
    • En: +1, Clips and small pockets along the belt for securing items
    • +2 Encumbrance 0 items accessible as an incidental
  • Loronar Corporation Surveyor's Bag
    • En: +2, A good sized, compartmentalized bag warn on one shoulder.
  • Purse
    • En: 0, 250 credits, 150 wupiupi her person (240 credits worth)
    • En: 0, 500 credits safely stored on the ship in her locker
    • En: 0, 300 wupiupi on the ship in her locker (480 credits worth)
    • En: 0, 7,500 credits deposited in a galactic savings account

To the vast majority of the citizens of the galaxy, MidDen appears to be a walking, talking Enviro-suit. Her currently preferred suit is a bright white Valerenn model she had custom refitted on Onderon. The suit was original designed for use by near humans and provides that general shape without quite as much bulk as her old suit. The suit is most notable, however, for the extensive collection of clips, straps, tubes and other equipment retainers attached to it, which give her the general appearance of being laden with gear.

When MidDen removes the mirrored helmet, however, it quickly becomes clear that she is not the standard humanoid she appears to be on in the suit, but rather a massive single celled organism that is simply filling up the suit the same way water fills a bucket. As a young and relatively small ugar, MidDen has to stretch to fill in the legs and arms of her enviro-suits, leaving no extra cytoplasm to fill in the mask portion. Instead she produces small "eye stalks" topped with sensory organelles.

Outside of the suit, MidDen typically exists in a vaguely half-spheroid shape a bit over half a meter in diameter. Her body is translucent with a slight blue tint. Innumerable organelles of various sides float around in her form, though the most prominent is the off-red nuclear sphere that comprises her core. Except when sleeping, her body is topped or supplemented by whatever pseudopods she's created at the moment to fulfill the tasks at hand, such as tool manipulation, locomotion or sensory investigation.
Valerenn Environmentals Enviro-Suit with Harness

MidDen and her identical sister Sherd were born by mitosis aboard one of the innumerable Ugor salvage ships that ply across the galaxy. MidDen demonstrated a natural inquisitiveness at a young age, wanting to know more about the cultures and species they were visiting instead of just being satisfied with the accumulation of their debris and junk. Eventually this unsatiated curiosity lead her to strike out on her own. After much hard work and the blessings of her people, she took a small salvage ship and went across the galaxy after her own prized pieces of salvage and holy artifacts that are one-and-the-same to her people.

With little by the way of occupational training or direction, MidDen quickly took to taking odd jobs as she traveled the less civilized portions of the galaxy. It was one of these early employment opportunities, as an extra hand with a tomb raiding group, that introduced her to her first truly ancient artifacts She fell instantly in love with these long lost treasures. She worked with the group for two years before they were broken up by a pirate attack. Now mostly acting solo, she continued to scower the galaxy for jobs to fund her expeditions to long lost civilizations.

Her fortunes have dropped off late, however, as she found herself having to make a swift escape from bounty hunters by stowing away on a vessel, forcing her to abandon nearly everything she wasn't carrying at the moment. In need of money, she accepted a place on an expedition to recover a transport ship that crashed a generation ago…

ImageCriminal Obligation – The Mandalorians are interested in MidDen is connection with the theft of a series of artifacts.

Hunted Obligation – MidDen is in position of an ancient Sith Mask that some more secret organizations of the Empire are interested in.

Filled with esoteric knowledge and naturally inquisitive, MidDen truly loves the multitude of cultures of the galaxy and has a seemingly endless fascination with history. Artifacts, particularly religious artifacts, draw her fascinated attention and spark both study and the rendition of memory and theory. She's driven to locate and unearth distant items, as she feels that any artifacts buried away or left on back worlds are missing their opportunity to be appreciated and should be recovered for their own good.

Like all those aboard the Cherenkov Blue MidDen has her reasons to work against the Empire. In her case, the desire is more idealistic. MidDen is horrified and offended by the Empire's systematic destruction of non-human cultures across the galaxy, as well as their modifications and destruction of the galaxy's history. She believes the Empire needs to be stopped not for political reasons, but historic and cultural ones.
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Re: MidDen

Postby Quicksilver » Tue Mar 08, 2016 5:04 pm

G2-2R "Gunter"

Strain: 0 of 12
Wounds: 0 of 13
Encumbrance: 4 of 10
  • A/KT Tracker Utility Vest (Encumbrance +2)
  • Backpack (Encumbrance +4)
  • Tool Kit (Encumbrance 4, Allows Mechanics)
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Re: MidDen

Postby Quicksilver » Tue Jul 12, 2016 10:42 am

Strain: 1of 12
Wounds: 0 of 15
Experience (post creation): 120xp of 120xp
Most Recent Upgrades (20):
Knowledge Specialization (Lore) & Toughened
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