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Kreen Besh - Mercenary Trooper

Characters approved for play-by-post gaming.

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Kreen Besh - Mercenary Trooper

Postby Quicksilver » Fri Apr 17, 2015 10:27 am

Kreen Besh - Human Mercenary Trooper

Career: Bounty Hunter
Specialization: Gadgeteer
Motivation: Justice, Stability
Obligation: Criminal 5, Debt 10
Experience: 30/30 (+10 Obliation)

Attributes (90xp)
Brawn: 3, Agility: 3, Willpower: 3
Intellect: 2, Cunning: 2, Presence: 2

Derived Attributes
Wound Thld: 15, Strain Thld: 13, Soak: 5
Defense: 3/4, Encumbrance: 8+/8+

Skills (15xp)
Athletics: 1, Mechanics 1
Streetwise: 2, Perception: 1
Coercion: 1, Discipline: 1, Vigilance: 1
Ranged (Light): 1, Melee: 1

Talents (35xp)
Toughened, Defensive Stance
Jury Rigged
Armor Master

Personal Gear
Personal Modular Armor (Jury Rigged, Comlink)
:arrow: +1 Defense, +1 Ranged Defense, +1 Soak
Activv1 Riot Shield
:arrow: Dam 0, Crit 6, Encum 5, HP 1, Cumbersome 3, Defensive 2, Deflection 2, Disorient 1
Z2 Stun Baton
:arrow: Dam +2, Crit 6, Encum 2, HP 2, Disorient 2, Stun Damage
Merr-Sonn Model 44 Blaster Pistol
:arrow: Dam 6, Crit 3, Encum 1, HP 4, Stun Setting

Utility Belt, Modular Backpack (4 expansions)
Binders (2), Retaining Bolt (2), Toolkit
Stun Grenade (6), Stimpacks (10)
Datapad (with bounty information)

The 25 year old Kreen was born and raised in the Corporate Sector where both the Republic and the Empire has only a minimal impact in the day to day nature of life. The daughter of blue collar workers, Kreen proved strong and able at a young age, and found herself being subtly pushed in the direction of ESPO, which would provide her with a rare chance of advancement within the corporate plutocracy and a better life then her parents suffered through, even if it means she'd be on the oppressor's side of the line.

Strong willed and strong armed, Kreen excelled as a member of the force and was quickly selected for additional training as a member of the elite riot troops. It was there she picked up the skilled use of the personal body shield and the slow and steady defensive movement required to stay alive when facing down hordes of rioting workers. The CSA had no shortage of riots, so Kreen found herself with plenty of time to practice these techniques. Her promising career, however, was cut very short by a security and management scandal that shook up a number of powerful individuals. Although Kreen was only tangentially involved, she found herself becoming the convenient scapegoat and facing trumped up charges that could land her at Stars' End. She chose exile over incarceration.

Finding herself alone in the outer rim, Kreen tried her hand at bounty hunting out of a desire to preserve some of the feeling of justice that had kept her going through the ESPO academy. A few sympathetic gadgeteer bounty hunters took pity on her and showed her the ropes, as well as introducing her to the idea of customized and modified equipment, a concept she took to like a duck to water. Unfortunately the same couldn't be said for bounty hunting itself. Near misses and the occupation's inherent boom & bust paychecks left her buying, pawning and borrowing to stay alive and with sufficient gear and information to keep going.

A few months ago a Hutt (Tooga) she was on good terms with did her the 'favor' of buying out all of her outstanding debts, ending a handful of bounties out on her own name. Beyond her generally honest nature, she also greatly respects and want to stay in good graces of the genial old Hutt, and so finds herself in a shadowport looking for something that more closely resembles regular, reliable work.

Kreen has two different personalities, crisis and normal. She's normally a fairly low key girl, tending to stay a bit to the side but still joining in with the typical joking around and enjoying the company of those around her. She's generally likable, but lacks the strong interpersonal skills to really push into conversations with others. When she hits a crisis moment, however, a much stronger core nature comes out, giving the appearance of a woman who's far more assured and dependable, moving in deliberate, well and quickly thought out movements.

Kreen was born with dark skin, darker hair and strongly angled features. She's often seen in her armor, armor that was once ESPO riot gear, but has gone through innumerable permutations since then as she's replaced, worked on or found upgrades for various parts. She often wears a leather jacket over everything (or without the armor) to tone down the intimidation factor of an armored individual.
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Re: Kreen Besh - Mercenary Trooper

Postby Quicksilver » Mon Aug 15, 2016 7:08 pm

Wounds: 0 / 15
Strain: 0 / 13
Stims Today: 0
Stims on Person: 0
Credits: 133 + Lots.
Current Encumbrance: 0/8
Items Equipped:
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