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Characters approved for play-by-post gaming.

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Postby DeepSpacer » Mon Apr 18, 2016 5:03 pm

Character Name ... Ambassador Kip’Syndulla
Species ... Twi’lek (green)
Career ... Diplomat
Specialization ... Ambassador
Duty ... Recruiter 22 (added 5, 7)
Eyes ..., Hair ..., Height m, Weight kg
Characteristics … (70pts) Br 1, Ag 2, Int 2, Cun 3, Will 2, Pres 4
Soak Value 3 (1+2), Wounds 11, Strain 13, Defenses 0/0 (DODGE x2)
Skills ... (25pts) Charm 2#, Deception 2, Discipline 1^, Kn:Core Worlds, Kn: Lore, Kn: Outer Rim, Kn: Xenology, Leadership 2#, Negotiation 2
Talents ... (65pts) Nobody’s Fool(5), Indistinguishable(5), Kill With Kindness(5), Confidence(5/15), Dodge(10/20)
# -1SB die to Charm or Leadership checks
+1 Upgrade for Charm, Coercion, & Deception checks used against me
+1 Upgrade for checks to recall identifying characteristics
^ Reduce Difficulty of Fear checks (Discipline) by TWO (If zero, no check needed)
Equipment ... Mil.Backpack (+6), Utility Belt (+1)
Padded Armor (Soak 2),Electrobinoculars en(1), extra reload en(0), Handheld Comlink (25cr), Stimpack x2 (25cr), Field Rations x10, Hand Scanner
Blaster Pistol (400cr) 6D 3cr 3hp en(1), Blaster Rifle 9D 3cr (long) 4bp en(4) w/ Laser Sight (+Adv),
Heavy Clothing (50cr) 0/1 en(1), Adverse Environmental Gear 0/1 1hp, en(2),
Encumbrance … 10/13 (5+1br+6mbp+1ut) (All eqip carried)
Credits … cr (1d100) 34
Experience: (Spent/Unspent) 160/5 (100xp + 65 earned)
Points Spent: (140) Attributes(70) + Talents(65) + Skills(25) + Specializations(0)

Ambassador Syndulla has the sometimes unenviable task of recruiting talent for the Rebellion in new systems. Well, one might debate whether that is enviable or not. It seems that Twi’leks are good at such things. He feels up to the task and does not lack in confidence or optimism. Kip is a shirt-tail relative of the once-famous Cham Syndulla, and their clan. To be sure, Kip inherited some of his distant relative’s charm, but lacks, perhaps, some of his tactical prowess.

Most recently, his travels for the Rebellion have led him to the Arda System where he reaches out to neighboring systems to strengthen the maturing Sector Force there. The Ardanians have been doing an admirable job up to this point, but Kip thinks it can grow even stronger. Arda Base Command is all locals, making Kip sort of an outsider. He hopes to have them warm up to him and give him more responsibilities around the base. For the time being, he appreciates the escape from Alliance Core-Worlders and their way of thinking.

Kip usually dons a hooded cloak in most public places and looks very much like your average Twi'lek. When he feels very comfortable around people, he lets down his guard and is quite gregarious. He’s fond of using wise and optimistic recruiting tactics, …such as, “Great vision without great people is irrelevant.”
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Character Updates

Postby DeepSpacer » Mon Apr 18, 2016 5:04 pm

4/18/16 - added PC (100xp + 20xp earned)
9/12/16 - added 5 Duty
9/15/16 - added 20xp (130 total: Spent 15xp Confidence, 5xp Rank in Discipline)
4/18/17 - added 25xp and 7 Duty (Spent 20xp on Dodge)
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Level 7
Posts: 673
Joined: Tue Mar 17, 2015 5:24 pm
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