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Irene Santiago, Mutineer Astrogation Officer

Characters approved for play-by-post gaming.

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Irene Santiago, Mutineer Astrogation Officer

Postby Quicksilver » Fri Apr 17, 2015 10:08 am

Irene Santiago
Mutineer Astrogation Officer

Career: Explorer
Specialization: Fringer
Motivation: Freedom (Space), Influence (Respect)
Duty: Support 10
Experience: 50/50

Brawn: 2, Agility: 2, Willpower: 2, Intellect: 4, Cunning: 3, Presence: 2

Derived Attributes
Wound Thld: 12, Strain Thld: 12, Soak: 3
Defense: 0/0, Encumbrance: 0/7

Astrogation: 3, Cool: 1, Deception: 1, Know. (Outer Rim): 1, Leadership: 1, Perception: 1, Pilot (Space): 1, Streetwise: 1

Galaxy Mapper 2
Skilled Jockey 1
Master Starhopper

Personal Gear
Mother's sword (Corellian Cutlass): Dam: +2, Critical: 3, Enc: 2, HP: 1, Spl: Defensive 1, Vicious 1
"Rough Wear" Civilian Clothes (Armored Clothing): +1 Soak, 1 Defense
Fed-Dub Protective Services Spukami Pocket Blaster Pistol (325c)
- (with filed front sight, Setback to find Mod)
- (Dam 5, Crit 3, Short, Enc 1, HP 1, Stun Setting)
Concealment Holster (40c)
Naboian Gin (Corellian Whiskey Bottle)
Viol (Common Instrument)

Assigned Gear

Lt. Santiago was born to piracy, the daughter of a pirate leader in the Herios Sector and set up to eventually become a pirate queen in her own right, had fate and the Republic Judiciary Forces not intervened. Acting on bad intelligence, the pirate flotilla attacked a convoy containing a Jedi Knight on official judiciary business. The battle was swift, and although most of the pirates escaped, their flagship was disabled and captured. The Jedi took pity and sensed a fate to the late teenage Irene, and so offered her a choice –prison time as a pirate, or join the Judiciary Forces. Irene chose the latter, choosing the freedom of space over loyalty or hatred.

She served in the Judiciary Forces' anti-piracy division for three years, raising quickly through the ranks on her talents and leveraging her experience as a former pirate, finding bringing other pirates in just as satisfying as piracy had once been. When the Clone Wars broke out and the Judiciary Forces were merged into the Grand Army, Warrant Officer Santiago found herself (like so many others) with a hastily provided commission to fill the massive shortage in experienced ship officers. She served the republic faithfully through its final years.

She changed her uniform again when the Grand Army became the Imperial Navy, pushed up to the rank of Lieutenant at the same time. For a moment, she let herself consider this could be the start of a track to her own command. That dream died over the years, however, as she's found herself being increasingly ignored and marginalized by the Navy Brass, to the level of having never received another promotion opportunity that wasn't tied to a desk or retirement. Eighteen years later, when Commander Vedij approached her about staging a mutiny, she agreed readily agreed, more than willing to take up privateering to keep from finding herself forever stagnated by her COMPNOR superiors, or worse, grounded.

Even though she's spent more than half her life now in the service of Law and Order, she never really lost the scoundrel and pirate edge to her. So while her time working with and under the Jedi helped temper any sadistic joy in the kill, but she still revels in the thrill of the hunt, puzzling out where and how they are going to strike and analyzing stellar and hyperspace conditions to trace pirate bases and safe houses so her captain and ship can take them out. Her exceptional intelligence is her greatest asset in this, and she knows it, having little patience for those who question her, then insist she slow down her explanations to their speed.

Irene is also a Spacer at heart. She loves the stars and feels more at home in the void than on any planet. She can't imagine being happy in any life that keeps her tied to a single location, and even less so if that location were planet-side. She spends a good amount of her free time gazing out the ships windows or at one of her few hobbies, like practicing space & star inspired music on her viol.

The blonde and blue eyed Lt. Santiago comes in on the small side of human average, forcing her to rely on her confidence and personality to give her the presence to stand next to her fellow officers. Starting as enlisted instead of officer, she holds herself with the exceptionally good posture of the often corrected; a habit that only helps the crisp lines of her uniform. When not in uniform, she still favors well put together outfits with clean, strong lines. Her hair is rarely unbraided or poorly groomed.
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Re: Irene Santiago, Mutineer Astrogation Officer

Postby Quicksilver » Fri Aug 12, 2016 6:54 am

Wounds: 0 / 12
Strain: 0 / 12
Stim Today: 0
Stim on Person: 0
Hard Credits:: 1304

Update: +1 Astrogation, +1 Perception
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