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Garronin "Garr" Thodax (Trial by Fire)

Characters approved for play-by-post gaming.

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Garronin "Garr" Thodax (Trial by Fire)

Postby ennervance » Sun Mar 15, 2015 10:47 am

Garronin "Garr" Thodax

Human Male Technician
Specs: Outlaw Tech, Mechanic

WT 4/14, ST 0/12, Soak 3, Def 1/1

Brawn 2
Agility 3
Intellect 3
Cunning 2
Willpower 2
Presence 2

General Skills
|x|Astrogation (In)
| |Athletics (Br)
| |Charm (Pr)
| |Coercion (Wi)
|x|Computers (In) 2
| |Cool (Pr) 1
|x|Coordination (Ag)
| |Deception (Cu)
|x|Discipline (Wi) 1
| |Leadership (Pr)
|x|Mechanics (In) 2
| |Medicine (In)
| |Negotiation (Pr)
|x|Perception (Cu) 1
|x|Pilot (Pln) (Ag)
|x|Pilot (Spc) (Ag)
| |Resilience (Br)
|x|Skulduggery (Cu)
| |Stealth (Ag)
|x|Streetwise (Cu)
| |Survival (Cu)
| |Vigilance (Wi)

Combat Skills
|x|Brawl (Br)
| |Gunnery (Ag)
| |Melee (Br)
| |Ranged (L) (Ag)
| |Ranged (H) (Ag) 1

Knowledge Skills
| |Core Worlds (In)
|x|Education (In)
| |Lore (In)
|x|Outer Rim (In)
|x|Underworld (In) 1
| |Xenology (In)

    Gearhead 2 (-2se to mechanics)
    Toughened (+2 WT/rank)
    Fine Tuning (+1 sys strain repaired)
    Solid Repairs 2 (+2 ht repaired)
Outlaw Tech:
    Utinni (+bo to scavenge)
    Speaks Binary (+bo to give orders to droids)
None yet

Wealth: 1108 credits (40 left from starting, 68 rolled, 1000 from Krayt Fang)
Blaster Carbine
Armored Clothing (1/1)
Military Pack
Utility Belt
Stimpack x2
Tool Kit
Slicer Gear
Extra Reloads

Encumbrance 11/13

Age 27; Height 1.7 m; Weight 220 kg

Stealth and Ranged (Heavy) were my Human free skill ranks. For Tech I took Computers, Discipline, Mechanics, Perception; and Mechanics, Kno (Underworld) for Outlaw Tech.
took 10 obligation for +2500 credits
For 10xp from 4/8, bought 2nd rank Gearhead.

Obligation: Oath (Mandalorian Codex)
Magnitude: 15

Standing slightly taller than average for a human, Garr has tanned skin and dark brown hair. Warm, emerald-green eyes seem to take in everything around him, and his smiles tend to light them even further. His olive-green armor has plasteel chest and thigh plating in the style of true Mandalorian armor, but provides significantly less than the durasteel most suits incorporate. Unless caught in a storm or a firefight, his lightly battered helmet stays clipped to the rear of his belt.

Born on Mandalore, in a small farming community just outside of Keldabe proper, he grew up helping maintain the earth-breaking equipment and neighborhood tractors. He worked for a few years at the MandalMotors plant, eventually helping build/refit the Scyk bombers, and discovered he enjoyed maintaining starships. The Imperial occupation of the planet and needless oversight of the company soured him on the experience; he briefly joined Fenn Shysa's commandos in quiet sabotage and insurrection.
Discovery of his 'treachery' (which he saw as duty) prompted him to flee the planet, secreted in one of the Scyk bombers he'd helped overhaul as they were carried to far markets. From there, he tried his hand at paid mercenary work, hunted a few small-time bounties, and worked his way through a progression of odd jobs. None of them really interested him, but as nothing better has presented itself, he signed on as a holoprojectionist for a smooth-talking salesman, Fabrizzo.

Garr tends towards extroversion; not always cheerful, but rarely in a poor mood. He is willing to get his hands dirty in more ways than one, and is not above doing what needs doing. He's seen combat and killed a few people, but he doesn't particularly enjoy either. Hailing from Mandalore he tends to pepper his speech with the occasional Mando'a word, particularly for invectives and surprised outbursts. He has a weakness for pretty humanoid women, though isn't lecherous or overly forward with them.
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Re: Garronin "Garr" Thodax (Trial by Fire)

Postby MuttonchopMac » Sun Mar 15, 2015 8:17 pm

I played a son of Mandalore twice... If you have too much time on your hands, Karen Traviss wrote an extensive dictionary and grammar guide, allowing you to speak the language in most cases. Interjections in Mando'ade are fun.
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Re: Garronin "Garr" Thodax (Trial by Fire)

Postby ennervance » Thu Jun 25, 2015 10:07 pm

Using the 10xp given on 6/15(i think it was) for Utinni! and Speaks Binary out of Outlaw Tech talent tree.
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Re: Garronin "Garr" Thodax (Trial by Fire)

Postby ennervance » Mon Feb 01, 2016 8:13 pm

Stealing Argon's idea (dunno if it was stolen in turn)

WT 21/14, ST 6/12

Minor crit - 26 (Discouraging wound - flip LS point to DS)
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