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Explorator militant Criador (fortune's gate; WIP)

Initial Character concepts can be posted here prior to a new game's sub-forum being created.

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Explorator militant Criador (fortune's gate; WIP)

Postby Carch » Sat Jun 11, 2016 1:01 pm


Criador- Master of Ordnance

Career: Ace
Specialization: Gunner
second class: engineer-Mechanic
Creation exp: 0/100 (-30 for secondary career, -40 for int to 4, -30 for ag to 3)
Post Creation Experience: 0/0

Brawn: 2, Agility: 3 (2+1), Willpower: 2
Intellect: 4 (3+1), Cunning: 2, Presence: 1

Derived Attributes
Wound Thld: 12 (10+brawn), Strain Thld: 12 (10+will), Soak: 2 (brawn)
Defense: 0, Encumbrance: 10/7

Career Skills
Ace skils:
Navigation, Cool, Gunnery, Mechanics, Perception, drive,
Pilot, Ranged (personal), Discipline, Gunnery, Ranged (Heavy), Resilience
Engineer skills (secondary):
Brawl, Mechanics, pilot, Skulduggery

Skill values
drive 1
pilot 1
discipline 1
resilience 1
gunnery 2
ranged (heavy) 1
mechanics 1

Talents Here


Personal Gear


Skitarii Battleplate: woven with a slightly heat-resistant weave to better cope with the conditions in a ship's enginarium, the armour is made of a carapace breastplate, pauldrons and armguards, connected by flakweave in a greatcoat design to about halfway down his legs.
Defense: 0, Soak: 2, HP: 1/2, Encumbrance: 1 (4 but is worn, so -3), Rarity: 4, Cost: 1 (1st of 3 creation 1 cost items)
Special: +1 Boost on Resistance checks from Heat or Radiation
mounted mod:
respirator helmet: Made of plainer metals, and most likely less protective then carapace would be, the helmet does include a very light air filter, taking the worst of the smoke and gasses found in an enginarium despite not being close to a full gas mask or filtration device.
Gain 1 Boost on Resistance rolls against airborne toxins.
Mods: 1 (+1 Boost), 2 (1 hour immunity)
HP Cost: 1, Rarity 3, Cost 0


Angelos bolter carbine: A single-shot variant of a boltgun, without the mechanisms for fully or even semi-automatic fire the reliability of this weapon is guaranteed, though it does not have the destructive potential a normal bolter would have.
His has a bolt action mechanism fed by clips of 5 bolter shells.
Dam: 7, Crit: 3, Rg: Long, HP: 2, Sp: (Reliable, Vicious (1)), Enc: 3, Rare: 4, Cost: 1 (2nd of 3 creation 1 cost items)

Omnisian pattern axe: Ostensibly both a badge of office and the tool of his trade, this weapon resembles a poleaxe, or an axe head on a quarterstaf, and normally includes a power field generator to vastly increase it's destructive capability. However, During the last voyage of the Usury's reckoning the power field was damaged due to a energy discharge from the void shield accumulators. And he has not yet succeeded in repairing it. his stubborn pride has so far prevented him from admitting that the repair is beyond him without a replacement field coil.
Dam: +3, Crit: 3, Rg: Engaged, HP: 4/5, Sp: (Omnissian), Enc: 4, Rare: 7 (Mechanicus), Cost: 1 (3rd of 3 creation 1 cost items)
* Omnissian: These devices are highly designed and customised by their owners to include a myriad of items. In addition to normal mods, any item of gear up to encumbrance 1 may be integrated into the device at the cost of 1 hardpoint.
integrated tool: cogitator diagnosticar kit

List of other gear
emergency tool kit Basic adjustable tools for work on mechanical devices.
Skill: Mechanics, Modifier: 2 Setback, Encumbrance: 2, Rarity: 1, Cost: 0
Cogitator diagnosticar kit the most basic tools for determining what ails the machine spirit of a particular cogitator or linked system. integrated into the omnissian axe
Enc: 0(1, but integrated into axe), Cost 0
Mechadendrite housing: An implanted assembly of connectors and hydraulic ports on his back, it acts as a attachment point and power source for the mechadendrites of the adeptus mechanicus, mechanical tendrils and limbs. at present it stands mostly empty, with only a censer mechadendrite fitted.
Unique Stat Gear, Cybernetic
Enc: 0, Cost 1
Special: Holds up to 6 encumbrance worth of Mechadendrites
censer mechadendrite: part of the assembly on his back, this mechadendrite is usually retracted and slotted into a locked position, it contains a censer with mechanicus incense that can be ignited with heat from his potentia coil for when it is needed in his rites to the machines.
Skill Gear, Cybernetic
Gain a boost on Mechanics Checks where relevant.
Enc: 0(1, but carried in mechadendrite housing), Cost 0

He remembers a childhood spent on one of the three forge worlds making up the lathes, with all the inevitability of working in the great manufactoriums that cover every part of the planet. inducted into the cult mechanicus from birth, he knows little of the imperial cult, only the few overlaps it has with the mechanicus's own beliefs about the emperor.
But, these memories are not his own. They are implanted into his psyche by the magos biologis who remade his form. Seeking to combine in one body the memories and skills of numerous magos militant to further the cult mechanicus' goals they used arcane science known only to a select few to remake him to their designs. Though the unfortunate explorator was but a trial for their techniques his implanted memories and rebuilt body are well-suited for war either amongst the stars or on the ground, even if his psyche bears many cracks from the invasive and exploratory techniques used. Unlike some who are so made, he does not resent his remaking. The cult mechanicus practices that if a part can be remade to work better in the greater mechanism this should be so, who would he be to judge that the life he no longer remembers served the mechanicus better then his new one?
Amongst the implanted memories there are many, of one person or several he does not know, that recall fighting and perhaps dying against the ruinous powers. A call to serve with the skitarrii defending a forge world againt a chaos incursion, of wielding a hellgun in his augmented arms against the horrors from beyond, despite his arms having never been augmented. The horrors his memories of that time leave him with make him gratefull his mechanicus implants remove much of the need for sleep, as his dreams only too often veer back to the cursed creatures he remembers fighting, as well as even more hatred for the great enemy then most in the imperium.
The first true memories he knows are his own are of metal medicae beds. of implantations with mechanicus implants that nessesarily had to be done while he was concious. but these he does not speak off, for his origin is a secret known to himself and his creators. The first memories he will speak of that he knows are his own are of serving on the adeptus mechanicus fleet. of joining explorator vessels ranging the outskirts of the imperium, and of skirmishes with the pirates who frequent these zones to prey on ships. only too often would they be ambushed by several vessels, or boarded without warning while investigating a signal. The fact that these memories are his own, and not implanted, mean they weigh heavily in his judgement. and never would he even consider not shooting void pirates on sight or of entering into any negotiation that does not involve high-velocity rounds being the currency used to pay them for their betrayal of the imperium. during his service there he joined numerous boarding actions, often accompanying murder servitors and skitarii teams. amongst the things he learned there was the operation of heavy weaponry like multi-meltas, of singular use when boarding a vessel, as no door nor bulkhead will stand in a team's way when so equipped.
Now he is a explorator in his own right, he travels on a rogue trader ship, lending his experience, real or implanted, to the technologies of war present. He seeks fortune, but for one of the mechanicus that means knowledge, not thrones. a single-minded dedication to the recovery of any and all knowledge of interest to the mechanicus from the expanse is his motivator, and to achieve that goal he will give his all to the vessel he travels on.

Falling between a softspoken scholar and shouting gunnery officer, Criador prefers to cajole and intimidate the crews through intellect rather then sheer brawn. Often the threat of servitorization will work just as well as a lashing to motivate a crew to perform their best. On the other hand, he does genuinely try to keep those who perform to his high standards alive and well, even being known to push for augmetics to be made available for those of lower ranks who exceed his standards.
Amongst the senior crew he tends to go into slightly too much depth where weaponry and technology is concerned, mingling detailed reports on status with idle musings on maintenance and the performance of the ratings.

A man of indeterminate age between the augmetics of his calling and an inability to remember if his rebuild included juvenat treatments or not, the parts of him that remain human give the appearance of one in this late 40's to early 50's.
Due to the brass cases and web of wires running through or just below his scalp he has almost no hair left, a few strands coloured a deep black by incense and sacred unguents that never seem to grow or fall out.
As with any enginseer of note his most notable features are his augetics. From his right eye replaced along with a section of skull made from polished steel to the unusual sight of a Nephium-boosted potentia coil letting out wisps of smoke, he is defined by those parts of him no longer human.
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Re: Explorator militant Criador (fortune's gate; heavy WIP)

Postby Quicksilver » Tue Jun 28, 2016 2:55 pm

This is looking good – besides the clear holes of Personality and Equipment, it seems all together. As you noted in the other thread, the history could use a little wordsmithing, but it's got a solid thread.
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Re: Explorator militant Criador (fortune's gate; heavy WIP)

Postby Carch » Sat Jul 02, 2016 2:15 am

managed to get a few edits through. as well as some gear. we'd probably need to discuss the gear some, as I don't know how the encumbrance system works or quite how the EotE armour-weapons system works. I saw a bit of it in the free preview of the game system, but wasn't quite clear to me.
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Re: Explorator militant Criador (fortune's gate; WIP)

Postby Quicksilver » Tue Jul 05, 2016 3:19 pm

The character looks great. I'll build out some stats for the equipment you've selected, but I don't see anything there that I would expect to be unreasonable. I'll send you a PM with the finer details, but overall looks like it's about ready to be transported to the Characters section of the Fortune's Gate forum.
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Re: Explorator militant Criador (fortune's gate; WIP)

Postby Carch » Tue Jul 05, 2016 3:27 pm

well.. I was thinking along the lines of:
the flak-carapace. maybe the encumbrance of a carapace armour, but with 1 hardpoint and 1 soak.
the angelos pattern: maybe like a bolter, but with bolt pistol damage, maybe.. less/no hardpoints. and reliable? maybe without the vicious (because only a single bolt at a time).

also. the diagnosticar kit? if.. it's like the basic tool kit and costs 0, I'm thinking of getting something like a lascannon. but just considering it. think those are a bit much to start with.
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Re: Explorator militant Criador (fortune's gate; WIP)

Postby Quicksilver » Fri Jul 15, 2016 1:10 pm

Alright, send him on over to the Character Forum
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