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Eleena Amersu

Characters approved for play-by-post gaming.

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Eleena Amersu

Postby Quicksilver » Tue Sep 29, 2015 7:16 pm

Eleena Amersu
Species: Twi'lek
Career: Colonist
Specialization: Politico, Mercenary Solider (30xp)
Experience: 15/20
Brawn 2, Agility 2, Intellect 2, Willpower 3, Cunning 2, Presence 3

Derived Traits
Soak: 3, Wound Threshold: 12, Strain Threshold: 14, Defense 0
Obligation (Criminal): 10
Motivation (Cause): Anti-Imperial, Anti-Slavery

Charm 2, Leadership 1, Negotiation 1,
Deception 2, Streetwise 0
Coercion 1, Discipline 0
Gunnery 0, Ranged (Heavy) 1
Knowledge: Core Worlds 0, Education 0,

{Kill With Kindness}, {-}, {-}, {-}
{Inspiring Rhetoric}, {-}, {-}, {-}
{Dodge}, {-}, {-}, {-}
{-}, {-}, {-}, {-}

Mercenary Leader (5xp)
{Command}, {-}, {-}, {-}
{-}, {-}, {-}, {-}
{-}, {-}, {-}, {-}
{-}, {-}, {-}, {-}

Blaster Pistol (Damage 6, Crit 3, Range (Medium), Enc. 1, HP 3, 400 credits)
Utility Belt (+1 Enc, 25 credits)
Stimpak (25 credits)
Heavy Clothing (+1 Soak, 50 credits)
Loose Cash (92 Credits)

Born a deep purple, Eleena stands out even among her fellow Twi'leks. A combination of dance lessons when she was a child and a recent life on the run as a revolutionary has left her with an athletic form. The later has also left her with a taste for black and other darker colored clothing in a mostly unsuccessful bid to reduce her distinctiveness or memorability.

Eleena was born to a minor tribal leader on Ryloth, where she was raised with the expectation of taking part in the extensive social machinations of tribal and clan politics. Through her teenage years, she watched as the leadership of Ryloth, even her own father, increasingly bowed to the demands of the Empire. If the Imperials had been content with simply securing the planet and enforcing their membership in galactic society, it might not have been enough to push the young Twi'lek over the edge, but she increasingly discovered that the Empire was willfully ignoring and on several occasions even actively participating in the Ryloth slave trade.

As a disenchanted and rebellious teenager, Eleena ran away from her increasingly imperially compliment parents to join the growing Ryloth resistance movement. Taken in as much to provide the group with a political ace as her own abilities, Eleena was initially utilized as a backline agent to keep her safe. Her own insistence and natural leadership, however, allowed her to quickly push herself into a more active role in the group. Things where looking good, at least in the fiery eyes of a rebelling teen.

Over time, however, the nature of the rebellion's targets seemed to shift, including a few separate and abstract operations. With her characteristic perseverance she began piecing the situation together and became suspicious as the leadership's motivations. Time and further study lead her to become certain the resistance cell was being used to push inter-clan agendas rather than being truly interested in freeing the Twi'lek people.

In a moment of naiveté, she tried to walk away. The group's leadership retaliated by informing on her to the local authorities. Eleena was forced to go on the run, now dodging patrols and checkpoints on without the support of an organized group. Her best bet now lies on getting off world with an independent ship crew.

Eleena is, at this moment in her life, a bit on the confused and shifting side of things. She's outgrowing the rebellious teenage personality that go her into all the trouble she's currently in, but while an increased maturity may have cooled the fires on her heart a bit, they are still far from quenched. The betrayal on Ryloth, however, has left her suspicious of organized revolution movements.

Individually, Eleena is passionate and personable. She makes acquaintances quickly and it generally skilled at dancing her way around a social situation, though she has a distinct tendency to mix truth, exaggeration and fabrications with ease, particularly among those she doesn't expect to run into again. Her combination of a strong will and great presence makes her something of a commanding force in social encounters.
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Re: Eleena Amersu

Postby Quicksilver » Tue Sep 29, 2015 7:20 pm

Strain: 3/14
Wounds: 5/12
Stimpaks Today: 1
Stimpaks on Person: 0
Critical Injuries: Fearsome Wound
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