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Characters approved for play-by-post gaming.

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Postby Quicksilver » Fri Mar 13, 2015 10:42 pm

Ex-CIS Commando

Species: Droid
Career: Ace
Specialization: Gunner
Brawn 3, Agility 4
Intellect 1, Willpower 1
Cunning 1, Presence 1

Derived Traits
Soak: 7
Defense 0
Wound Threshold 15
Strain Threshold 12
Encumbrance Threshold 11
Duty (Combat Victory): 12
Morality (Discipline/Obsession): 50

Cool 2, Discipline 1, Perception 1
Ranged (Light) 1, Ranged (Heavy) 3, Gunnery 2
Piloting (Planetary) 1, Resilience 1, Stealth 2
Mechanics 1, Piloting (Space) 1
Ace Gunner
Durable 1, Grit, Overwhelm Defenses 1, Debilitating Shot
Toughened 1, Brace, {-}, True Aim 1
{-}, Enduring 1, {-}, {-}
{-}, {-}, {-}, {-}

ImageBuilt-In Gear
Armored Chassis (Padded Armor)
Enhance Photoreceptors (Scanner Goggles)
Antenna (Comm-link)

Held Gear
Blaster rifle (Dam: 9; Critical: 3; Range: Long; Enc: 4; HP: 4; Stun Setting)
Stun Club (Dam +3; Crit 6; Disorient 2, Stun Only)
Frag Grenade ×2 (Dam: 8; Crit 4; Range [Short]; Blast 6, Limited Ammo 1)
Fusion Cutter
Load-bearing gear

Disturbingly skeletal (particularly to Nemodians) BX-187 is indistinguishable from any number of the elite commando battle droids used by the CIS during the Clone Wars. His feet are two parts with no distinct toes, while his hands are split into a pair of long fingers and an opposable thumb. His core body and limbs are thicker than those found on the B1 battle droids. The head, while still long and narrow, is significantly shorter than a B1's. Short enough to fit inside a clone trooper helmet if required.

Like his counterparts, he is coated with an energy resistant dark armor, though his joints and a few other segments retain the red metallic hew of their bronzium manufacture. His head is marked with a pair of bright white photoreceptors. Grey bands painted on his face and body serves to break up his silhouette on night missions.


Near the end of the clone war, BX-187 was manufactured and shipped off to a tactically important but mildly populated world in the outer rim, where he completed a number of missions for the CIS under the ultimate command of General Grievous. He was out on mission when Palatine declared the New Order and officially announced the creation of the Galactic Empire. From inside a minor Republic outpost they had just captured, BX-187 witnessed the holonet transmission of the event play out on the base's communications net. Although his compatriots paid it no mind, he found it sticking with him for reasons he couldn't explain. Their sabotage complete, the droid commando team set explosives and retreated to their hidden base to await their next mission.

No orders ever came as, unbeknownst to them, the CIS leadership was beheaded and the war very suddenly concluded. After a few years of waiting, BX-187 was the first of the lost droids to shake off the lack of orders and insist they go back out to fight the Republic, or the Empire as they now called themselves. Eventually the rest of the secret, automated base agreed – they would continue to carry on the fight until further orders came. The base commander, OOM-19, sent BX-187's team out for recon.

Out in the world again, the secret base continued the long lost fight against the forces of order. During this time, they learned about the Empire's continued action against rebellious elements across the galaxy. Over time, the droids began to see this resistance as the natural inheritors of the CIS flag and as brothers-in-arms. Unable to make contact with any of these Rebels, however, the base continued to operate independently and simply be a thorn in the side of the local garrison. As the years' war on, the lack of memory wipes and extensive need to operate independently pushed the droids well beyond their original programing, and started actually learning.

Finally, just a year before the battle of Yavin, the planetary garrison finally got a solid lead on the location of the secret droid base that had been single-handedly at war with them for over a decade. The Imperial response was swift and characteristically brutal. Only BX-187 and his partner BX-148 survived, and even then only by the simple virtue of being out on a scouting mission at the time. The pair tried to continue to persecute the battle against the Imperials, now fighting out of personal vengeance as much as duty. Without a command droid to guide them, however, their attacks were poorly directed and accomplished little more than increasing their body counts.

Two years later the pair decided to make a particularly daring assault on an Imperial stronghold. The attack was effective, but the Imperials were simply far more numerous than the droids had counted on. When the blaster fire ended, his partner was destroyed and BX-187 himself broken apart and in emergency shutdown mode. The engagement, however had been witnessed by a rebel group operating in the area. An enterprising rebel tech salvaged BX-187's parts and rebuilt him back at base.

It took another few months for the tech to recover the extensive damage the droid had suffered, as well as the wear of a decade of survival. It also took just as long to convince the rebellion to try and integrate him into the combat operations. Although the leadership remains unconvinced of his sanity, they have agreed it's time to put him in the field.

As the old saying goes; when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. BX-187 is a war droid, and tends to look at everything he comes across as tactical issue. Even more than an original BX droid, he has focused on the arts of combat. Thankfully, he naturally defers to his commanding officers, letting the squad or cell leader keep him from 'solving' a diplomatic or engineering issue with blaster fire.

Although it used to just be a job, BX-187 now truly hates the Empire. They killed his old base and squad mates – the only thing resembling friends and family the droid had ever known, formed by attachments well beyond his original programing limitations. He does not truly care about the political motivations of the Rebellion, all he cares about is vengeance, and fulfilling his original programing to replace the current corrupt government with a new, rebelling one.
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Re: BX-187

Postby Quicksilver » Mon Mar 23, 2015 7:49 pm

Strain: 0 of 12
Wounds: 0 of 15
Repair Patches Today: 0
Repair Patches On Person: 5
Critical Hits: None.
Petty Cash (513)
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Re: BX-187

Postby Quicksilver » Mon Sep 19, 2016 10:20 pm

Experience Catalogue

Takeover at Whisper Base
Objective 1: 10xp
(True Aim)
Objective 2: 5xp

Operation Shadowpoint
Objective 1: 30 xp
(+1 Ranged (Heavy), +1 Stealth)

Oslaught at Arda I
Objective 1: 15 xp (Mysterious Device, Viper Droid, 'Session')
(Cool +1, Grit)
Objective 2: 5 xp (Rock Bridge)
Conclusion: 25 xp
(Toughened, Brace, Enduring, +1 Piloting (Space))
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