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Alliance Advisories and Alerts

Information that player characters would know or have access to.

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Alliance Advisories and Alerts

Postby ShadoWarrior » Fri Feb 10, 2017 2:26 pm

SecuriDex Travel Advisory

System Name: Ralltir
Planet: Ralltir
Designation: Occupied World
Major Locals: Imperial Governor Dennix Graeber
Contacts: [Classified]
Industries: Marble, Financial services
Overall Personal Threat: Very High
Threat Register: Low; See addendum.
Addendum: The Ralltir System is under Imperial blockade; Ralltir space is patrolled by a complete superiority force, including three battle squadrons and a light squadron. The planet is controlled by a line corps, and the system is subject to martial law. Alliance personnel are instructed to avoid Ralltir space.

Alliance Intelligence Advisory

Region: Ringali Shell
Subject: Imperial Naval Patrols
Overall Personal Threat: Fatal
Threat Register: Moderate
Addendum: All Alliance operatives in the Ringalis Shell: be advised that the Imperial Victory-class Star Destroyer Scourge is active as a free-roaming patrol vessel. Alliance ships operating in the shell should be on the alert and report any sightings or encounters with the Scourge.
Further Information: See attached profile.

SecuriDex Traveling Advisory

System: Esseles
Designation: Sector capital
Contacts: Gray 12
Industries: Governmental services, high-tech luxury goods
Overall Personal Threat: Moderate
Threat Register: Moderate
Addendum: Alliance personnel are advised that an additional Imperial-class Star Desytroyer has been assigned to Terril Naval Base. Further information requested.

SecuriDex Traveling Advisory

System: Darpa
Designation: Border Station 1B6/Green
Contacts: Targeter, Blue 9, Elba-0
Overall Personal Threat: High
Threat Register: High
Addendum: Imperial Naval traffic in and around Border Station 1B6/Green has recently doubled. Reports indicate that the increased traffic is a training exercise, but data suggests that this is a mask for a covert operation.

Alliance Intelligence Security Alert

Region: Core, Colonies
Subject: Imperial Intelligence activities
Priority: Highest
Contact: Alliance Intelligence, Counter-Intelligence
Overall Personal Threat: High
Threat Register: High
Addendum: Recent shipments of high-capacity power cells may have been tagged with Imperial Intelligence tracers. All shipments of power cells and internally-powered equipment must be immediately scanned. Tracers must be jettisoned or destroyed.
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